These Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks Are Perfect For Halloween

Starbucks has become synonymous with everything pumpkin, spice, and everything nice. When the first day of September rolls around, fall aficionados flock with their Starbucks Halloween cups in hand in anticipation of the first PSL (pumpkin spice latte) of the season. The only thing more highly-anticipated is the release of Starbucks's new fall merchandise, which, according to Twitter, is a caffeine-filled and iridescent dream boat. As much as we hate to love them, there is a special and warming feeling you get with every first sip of a pumpkin-laced latte. From the warm cinnamon spice, not to mention the pumpkin cold cream, it's hard not to fall for the allure of a semi-artificial Frappuccino delight.

That being said, other fall-inspired Starbucks drinks don't revolve around pumpkin spice and apple crisps, specifically Halloween-themed drinks. Many of these spooky Frappuccinos and lattes were formerly hit seasonal items but have been discontinued and now live in the expansive world of Starbucks' secret menu. There's something for everyone from Instagram-able and fluorescent-colored Frappuccinos to perfectly beige and savory cold brew creations that will get you into the holiday spirit. Just remember to tip your baristas.

Witches Brew Frappuccino

The Witches Brew Frappuccino is the scary Starbucks menu alum with all the good parts of a caffeinated milkshake with no spell-casting required. The discontinued Starbucks drink was originally launched in 2018 as a wickedly delicious Frappuccino with "A pinch of toad's breath. A dash of bat wart. (and) A sprinkle of lizard scale." Frills aside, it was basically an orange crème Frappuccino with chia seeds, topped with whipped cream, and a green matcha-like powder.

Even though it disappeared from the menu, you can still easily order this Halloween party-in-a-cup drink from the Starbucks secret menu sans the chia seeds using Totally The Bomb's recipe. To order, ask for a grande Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a scoop of freeze-dried blackberries and a pump of raspberry syrup to replicate the original drink's deep hue. Then, add whipped cream and matcha powder on the top and bottom for the frog warts effect.

Frappula Frappuccino

The fun never ends with these comically-named and festive Frappuccinos. The Frappula Frappuccino is no exception as a secret menu Halloween option to get into the spooky spirit. Originally released in 2016, this drink was layered with mocha sauce, whipped cream, and strawberry sauce to look like blood was oozing from the rim.

Don't fret, though, it's still available on Starbucks' secret menu, thanks to Starbucks Secret Menu for doing the hard work. To order at any time of year, first, ask for mocha sauce on the bottom of the cup. Then, order white chocolate sauce, your choice of milk, and ice blended, and top with whipped cream and raspberry syrup.

Zombie Frappuccino

This is probably one of the more aesthetically-pleasing secret Starbucks drinks, one that just screams Halloween and just so happens to look like a sweetFrog-themed drink. In 2016, Starbucks unleashed the Zombie Frappuccino or a caramel-covered apple in a cup. Made with a crème Frappuccino base infused with tart apple flavor, it's topped with pink whipped cream and a mocha drizzle to easily simulate the scariest part of a zombie.

In addition to the Witches Brew Frappuccino, the Zombie Frappuccino was a widely popular treat fans mourned the loss of. However, that's why we have Totally The Bomb to rediscover and recreate our favorite and forgotten secret menu drinks. This new version is a latte as opposed to the classic Frappuccino but still packs that same punch we know and miss (with more strawberry as opposed to apple flavor). To recreate, order a venti iced matcha latte with a scoop of vanilla bean powder. Next, layer on sweet cream cold foam mixed with strawberry pure and request more strawberry puree on top for the chunky brain texture but without the ick factor.

Franken Frappucino

Yes, it's another green drink, but what's the point of Halloween if you can't color-coordinate everything to be either purple or green? The Franken Frappuccino is yet another secret menu option for those who want to indulge in the ghostly things in life. Formerly released in 2014, this Starbucks refreshment was like a Halloween-themed Thin Mint with the color of freshly-picked spearmint.

Women's Health conducted a taste test and found that it tasted almost exactly like a Java Chip Frappuccino without an overwhelming green tea aftertaste. Even though it hasn't made a return to the unofficial official holiday menu, Frappuccino aficionados can get this lively drink all year round since (most things) are always in season on the Starbucks secret menu. Start by ordering a Matcha Crème Frappuccino and add a pump of peppermint syrup and a pump of white chocolate sauce. Then, blend all the ingredients together with java chips and top with whipped cream and mocha sauce (via Starbucks Secret Menu).

Dirty Werewolf

Unpopular opinion, but Frappuccinos are slightly overrated. In a world full of flavorful and cold whipped coffee beverages, sometimes people crave a holiday-filled cup of caffeine but with the taste of actual coffee or tea. Even during the cooler months, it is nice to snuggle up to a hot cup of Joe sprinkled with some Halloween joy. Surprisingly, it was actually challenging trying to find Halloween-themed hot drinks at Starbucks since the world is stuck in an eternal iced coffee craze.

But, journalism prevails, and we found the perfect sweet but not-too-sweet holiday hot beverage for ghostly guys, gals, and pals. The Dirty Werewolf, created by Totally The Bomb, is the not-overly strong-tasting secret Starbucks drink that will leave you zinging and screaming "Team Jacob" from the rooftops (or Team Edward, you do you). To order this, first, ask for a grande hot chai tea latte; even though it would also taste delicious over ice. Add one or two shots of espresso depending on your will to exist throughout the day, one pump of cinnamon dolce syrup, and a pinch of cinnamon on top. It's perfectly spicy, savory, and will leave you saying Frappe-who?

Candy Corn Cold Brew

To love or hate candy corn can be a heavy topic that many people feel very, if not moderately, passionate about. Everyone has an opinion about it with most falling into either "it's the best candy" or the "it can disappear from the world entirely" category. However, some fall into an in-between category where they love the taste but can live without the grainy texture, or vice versa. That being said, this Candy Corn Cold Brew combines all the best essences of candy corn and pumpkin but without the stale and chalky Halloween candy texture.

It was developed by Totally The Bomb –– the mastermind behind some of Starbucks' most delicious and not-so-secretive secret menu items. Begin by ordering a venti Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, arguably the best fall menu item Starbucks has to offer. Next, ask to swap out the vanilla syrup for white mocha sauce and top with pumpkin sweet cream with an extra pump of pumpkin flavor. You can even top it with your own candy corn for an even sweeter treat at the bottom of the cup –– time to start a petition to add this as a permanent holiday menu item.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Frappuccino

There is no debate to be had –– "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is the best Halloween-Christmas hybrid movie ever. Like "Die Hard" and "Gremlins," it combines the scary and nail-biting action with all the holiday decorations and snow to spare. Therefore, it should be fitting that there is a "Nightmare Before Christmas" Sally Frappuccino on the Starbucks secret menu to enjoy whilst watching it or any other multi-festive holiday movie.

While we don't know the creator of this Halloween drink, we appreciate that it exists in the world. To start, ask for a drizzle of caramel on the inside of the cup before ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, and add matcha powder for that Shrek-ish green color. After, add whipped cream, strawberry purée, and freeze-dried strawberries on top for a sweet but savory coffee fix (via POPSUGAR). Our only complaint is the color, we were hoping for more of a dark and moody purple color to match Sally's vibe.

Jack Skellington Frappuccino

Of course, you can't have a Sally Frappuccino without having a Jack Skellington counterpart. The two go together like coffee and creamer, like whipped cream and a Frappuccino, like Halloween and Christmas. It marries the best parts of a pumpkin spice latte and chai latte for the ultimate fall sipper. Star by ordering a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and request a pump of chai syrup. Blend and top with whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and java chips. We aren't sure if this really screams Jack Skellington, but it's delicious, so does it really matter all that much, per Totally The Bomb?

If you want to elevate this recipe, baristas on Reddit spill the tea about how to tweak it to make this the best Frappuccino it can be. One comment recommended just asking for a pumpkin spice latte with the java chips, whipped cream, and mocha drizzle on top since it's spicy enough without the added chai syrup. They also recommended asking for "extra frap roast coffee," which is just concentrated coffee, for an extra boost of caffeine that's free compared to espresso. Another comment recommended adding blonde espresso instead of the Frappuccino roast coffee concentrate for a more mellow and balanced drink. All that's left is to add a skeleton face on the lid to complete the spooky aesthetic.

Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sister drinks

Nothing says Halloween more than the movie "Hocus Pocus." No matter which Sanderson sister you relate to most, there is a Starbucks Frappuccino for every sister and mood you are feeling. Though they were never available on the official Starbucks menu, these signature frapps are an iconic and nostalgic addition to the void we call the Starbucks secret menu.

Each Frappuccino is different from the last with personal touches that reflect the respected Sanderson sister. The Winifred Sanderson Frappuccino is fresh and chocolatey –– a Matcha Créme Frappuccino with one pump of mocha syrup, one pump of peppermint syrup, and topped with whipped cream and strawberries. On the other hand, the Sarah Sanderson drink is fruity, fresh, and flirty. Just ask for a violet drink with extra berries, swap out the coconut milk for soy milk, double-blended, and topped with whipped cream and ground ginger. Finally, the Mary Sanderson drink is basically a chocolate-covered strawberry in a cup –– ask for a Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino, add white mocha syrup, strawberry purée, and top with whipped cream and mocha drizzle (per HITC).

Wednesday Addams Drink

Every character in "The Addams Family" could be perfectly summed up in a Starbucks drink. Morticia and Gomez Addams would be something spicy and sexy like a hot chai latte with extra chai and cinnamon syrup, while Uncle Fester would be a cup of steamed milk. Pugsley Addams would be a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with all the possible fruit purées, and Cousin It would be a Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino with streaks of mocha sauce. Lurch would be an ever-reliable tall cup of black coffee that's piping hot and always brewing.

However, Wednesday Addams would be the most complex –– a mixture of sweet yet spicy, light but dark, and yet perfectly balanced. The Wednesday Addams secret drink from Starbucks is just that –– a dark and strong iced coffee without the expected bitterness and no pumpkin spice in sight. First, get a venti cold brew and add mocha sauce. Instead of the sweet cream cold foam, request normal cold foam with a scoop of vanilla bean (via Totally The Bomb). It's a not-so-sweet alternative for black coffee drinkers looking for an icy and light change of pace to get in the spooky spirit.

Witches Cauldron Tea

The longer this article is, the scarier the Halloween puns get. Nevertheless, it's time for yet another Halloween-themed purple and green drink — but thankfully not another Frappuccino. However, it's important to include a tea drink that's beautifully layered and light enough without the coffee jitters. Honestly, you wouldn't think a supernatural Starbucks tea would fit in with the ever-so-popular pumpkin spice fall drinks, but its uniqueness is what makes it a popular secret menu option.

You don't need frog warts, goat hair, a cauldron, or a sacrificial lamb to brew up this witchy drink. Start by asking for a venti Passion Tea with no water and then request that it be made with half soy milk. Next, add three pumps of pineapple syrup and top with cold foam made with coconut milk and mixed with one scoop of matcha powder (via Totally The Bomb). One Instagram post revealed that they substituted the pineapple syrup for toffee nut syrup for more of a savory fall-inspired rendition.

Gremlins After Midnight drink

Aside from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Gremlins" is the second-best Halloween-slash-Christmas movie (in our opinion). Hence, it absolutely needs to have a Starbucks-inspired drink to show more representation of the underrepresented movie genre. The best thing about this TikTok Starbucks secret menu drink is how kid and adult-friendly it is. Sure, you could get your little gremlin a cake pop or hot chocolate, but this is a great cold drink option for kids who want to feel included without a surprise caffeine high.

In order to get the Gremlins After Midnight drink, ask for apple juice in whatever size your heart desires. Then, add two pumps of brown sugar syrup, one pump of cinnamon dolce syrup, and then vanilla sweet cream foam and top with apple drizzle. A potential idea for a caffeinated version could be ordering an iced Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato and topping it with the vanilla sweet cream. If you want to be extra interesting, you could just add espresso to the pre-existing Gremlins After Midnight recipe, but don't hold us responsible if it tastes horrible.

Ghostbusters Frappuccino

If there's something strange in your neighborhood this Halloween, a Ghostbusters Frappuccino is exactly what you need. And when you've drained the cup, the ghosts disappear. We're not quite sure if the stripes of red that streak through this drink are meant to remind us of the colors of the Ectomobile or if it's supposed to look like the protons shooting out of the Proton Blaster to immobilize ghosts for trapping. However, we still think the creators of this secret menu item got it right.

To get a Ghostbusters Frappuccino from the secret menu, you'll need to order a vanilla bean crème Frappuccino. The original version of this drink has you asking for the barista to add a pump of raspberry syrup and a couple of red lines of strawberry puree down the sides of the drink. Unfortunately, Starbucks has canceled raspberry syrup for now. However, you can still get it without the raspberry and have look just as cool. Vanilla bean crème Frappuccinos come with whipped cream, but you'll need to ask for cookie crumble topping to complete this drink.

Oogie Boogie Frappuccino

"I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright." Thus sings Oogie Boogie in the opening song for "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Luckily, the only thing this Halloween villain will be filling your Starbucks cup to the brim with for Halloween is caffeinated goodness. There are a couple of different recipes floating around out there for the Oogie Boogie Frappuccino. And the whipped cream topping reminds us a lot of the shape of his ghostly head.

One version of the secret menu recipe starts with Frappuccino chips at the bottom of the cup, hidden by a layer of whipped cream. Then, you'll ask the barista to add a white chocolate mocha Frappuccino. Another layer of Frappuccino chips and whipped cream comes next. Then, you'll ask for cookie crumble on one half of the whipped cream and matcha powder on the other half.

The other version doesn't attempt to hide any character traits ... er ... ingredients at all. It starts with a vanilla bean crème Frappuccino made with heavy cream. You'll ask to add matcha powder, Frappuccino chips, and white chocolate mocha sauce. The drink requires a caramel drizzle and whipped cream covered with cookie crumble on one side and matcha powder on the other.

Beetlejuice Frappuccino

If you say "Beetlejuice" three times, a Beetlejuice Frappuccino won't magically appear in front of you at Starbucks. However, you can explain the ingredients you want the barista to add and end up with a drink that looks like Beetlejuice in your hands. It's not white and black striped like Beetlejuice's epic suit, but it's as close as you can get with Starbucks ingredients (white and brown stripes). The drink also sports a lovely mop of green hair, which will likely look just as disheveled as the character's.

This drink is a little easier to request than some because it doesn't have so many extras and is fun to make. Like so many other Halloween secret menu drinks, this one starts with vanilla bean crème Frappuccino. You'll ask the barista to add mocha drizzle down the sides of the cup for stripes. Then they'll add a dusting of matcha powder to imitate Beetlejuice's hair.

Witch's hat

Baristas at the Starbucks in Eldersburg, Maryland, created a witch's hat Halloween drink in 2020 that was an absolute work of art. It reminds us of the Wicked Witch of the West from the "Wizard of Oz" as she melts into a puddle of nothing but her clothes, hat, and broomstick. The drink is green like her skin with ribbons of brown that stand in for the black of her clothing and hat, all swirled together.

The matcha crème Frappuccino already starts out looking a lot like the Wicked Witch of the West with its rich green coloring. To turn it into a witch's hat, you'll want to ask your barista to add a mocha drizzle both in and on top of the drink. Then ask for a sprinkling of green matcha powder on top. The witch's hat beautifully combines the flavors of matcha and mocha drinks all in one, and you may end up asking for it even after the season has passed.

Midnight Creeper

The Starbucks in Eldersburg, Maryland, was busy thinking up interesting Halloween drinks in 2020 because, in addition to the witch's hat, they came up with the midnight creeper drink. We're guessing this one was inspired by the creepy stalker in the Elton John song "Midnight Creeper." The kidnapper from the song sings, "There's no more sleeping when I'm midnight creeping over you." There's also a chance the drink was inspired by The Creeper from the Jeeper Creepers movies – a demon who eats human organs. Whichever nightmare-inducing villain this strongly-flavored drink calls to mind, we think you're going to like it.

The Midnight Creeper is a strong drink that combines the flavors of pumpkin spice, coffee, and chocolate beautifully. To get it, order a pumpkin spice creme Frappuccino blended with Frappuccino chips and with a mocha drizzle. If you're a pumpkin spice lover, it's another one of those obvious fall drinks you won't believe you haven't tried yet.

Jack-o'-lantern Frappuccino

The tradition of making Jack-o'-lanterns began in Ireland with the legend of Stingy Jack who had the habit of tricking the Devil. When Stingy Jack died, neither Heaven nor Hell wanted him, so he was forced to wander the earth with a burning coal he put into a carved turnip as a light. The earliest Jack-o'-lanterns people put out to scare away Stingy Jack were created from potatoes or turnip roots rather than pumpkins. You'll be happy to know that the Jack-o'lantern Frappuccino on the secret menu at Starbucks is made from pumpkins rather than potatoes or turnip roots.

The Jack-o'-lantern Frappuccino is a cute idea, and it seems so obvious that you'll wonder why it's not on the main menu. All you have to do is order a pumpkin spice creme Frappuccino and ask for a sprinkling of matcha powder on top for the leaves. You'll also want to ask the barista to use a black marker to draw a Jack-o'-lantern face on the cup (or you can do it yourself). Now we're wondering why pumpkin spice drinks don't all come with Jack-o'lantern faces on them.

Polyjuice potion Frappuccino

If you're ready for some shape-shifting this Halloween, you'll want to go down to the local Starbucks and get a polyjuice potion Frappuccino. Who needs a Halloween costume when you can just drink up a potion and go as someone else, right? The original recipe calls for fluxweed (picked on a full moon), knotgrass, lacewings, leeches, a powdered bicorn horn, skin from a boomslang, and something containing DNA from the person you want to change into. Unfortunately, it's notorious for being difficult to get just right, so it may not work exactly like you hope (if at all).

This drink looks very potion-like with all its aesthetically displeasing swirling colors. The base for the polyjuice potion is a strawberry crème Frappuccino with added vanilla syrup and espresso to keep it from being completely pink. It also gets white chocolate mocha sauce and matcha powder drizzles down the sides of the cup with more matcha powder on top of the whipped cream.