The Most Bizarre Coffee Order TikToker Morgan Eckroth Has Gotten - Exclusive

Baristas deal with people from all walks of life — especially when it comes to morning coffee orders. That's aside from the fact that the job in itself is difficult, fast-paced, and requires a lot of memorization and patience. Whatever your coffee preferences, workers have seen it all, but there are many things that baristas wish customers knew. For instance, mobile orders may be more convenient for you, but they often make the work of a barista harder due to a lack of "mobile order etiquette." 

TikTok star and Onyx Coffee Lab barista extraordinaire Morgan Eckroth knows this all too well. She's well-known for reenacting her craziest customer interactions for her 5.5 million followers and sharing her signature coffee recipes. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Morgan Eckroth told us what it was like to compete at the U.S. and World Barista Championships and shared her most beloved coffee favorites. She also revealed the most bizarre coffee order she's ever gotten at work — one that she hears surprisingly often.

What's a hot cold brew?

Have you ever heard of a hot cold brew? The juxtaposition in that order always gets a pause from barista Morgan Eckroth. She told Mashed, "I have had more orders than you would expect for hot cold brew. That's one that always throws me a little bit."

Luckily, she has a strategy for dealing with the order: "My gut instinct is to push them toward a batch brewed coffee." Eckroth explained that cold brew has a "different flavor profile than batch brew." When customers order a hot cold brew, they are often looking for that same flavor profile, but hot, she said.

"In that case, there's not a ton of great ways to reheat cold brew," she explained, but she tries to steer people toward a better option that still fits their needs. According to Brew Coffee Home, you technically can reheat cold brew as it is not a type of drink; it's a brewing method. It's almost like the opposite of adding ice cubes to brewed hot coffee. But if you want to go with the expert opinion, you can always just order a regular cold brew or a batch brewed coffee as Eckroth suggests.

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