The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Is Back With An All-New Comfort Calendar

In 1981, six people took to their phones in the latter part of the year to answer thousands of calls about cooking. This was the start of the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, and for 41 years, it's been providing information to harried home cooks during the holiday season.

The goal of the Talk-Line has always been "phones that are staffed by experts," as it was portrayed when President Barlett called it on an episode of "The West Wing." These experts are there to "[help] hosts feel confident in the kitchen," as the website claims, and it is available through November and December for anyone who needs a little more advice than they found watching Coolio's cooking show. While this kind of practical advice is helpful, it's also pretty good for hilariously strange turkey-centric calls should you want some chuckles to go with your bird.

Though the primary aim of the Talk-Line has been to explain the best way to prepare a turkey on Thanksgiving and walk people through any other difficult holiday recipes they may have, it now is serving a slightly broader purpose. Starting on November 1, not only will there be kitchen masters ready to answer questions, but Butterball will also be providing a "comfort calendar" that brings a bit of relaxation and ease to those who are feeling overwhelmed with holiday cheer.

Free comfort calendar provides practical advice during holiday hassles

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Now, Butterball is proving that it isn't just a company that cares about showing people how to cook the perfect turkey. It also wants anyone cooking at home to feel supported. This week, the company announced in a press release that it's releasing what it calls a "Comfort Calendar," which will contain 24 days worth of tips. These "tips" include practical ideas, as well as suggestions for "emotional support."

The calendars can be acquired for free between October 24 and 26 at, and fans can follow along on Butterball's Instagram account, where digital copies of the advice will be available. The Turkey Talk-Line's phones will go live on November 1.