The Old Dunkin' Perk Reddit Misses Most

Love it or hate it, Dunkin' Donuts has some of the best coffee and donuts in the world. Serving over three million customers each day throughout its 11,300 global locations, Dunkin' has earned a good reputation as a prime coffee distributor globally (via Dunkin').

Just like most restaurant chains, Dunkin' has rewarded its loyal customers with a rewards program. Through this, customers are able to earn points through their purchases to earn free food and drinks, as well as unlock "Boosted Status" to earn points faster in order to score members-only exclusive deals. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Unfortunately, Dunkin' used to have some pretty sweet rewards offerings and points but recently changed its rewards system. Now, Dunkin' upped the number of points earned per dollar spent throughout its locations as well as increasing the point price of menu items. "DD Perks" also got an "upgraded" name to "Dunkin' Rewards," but many customers are upset at the new changes, so much so that Dunkin's president had to defend the new points system on Fox News.

While the whole rewards system is considered an epic fail for customers, there's one perk that got scrapped that is really hitting customers hard.

Dunkin doesn't offer free birthday drinks anymore

Unless you're friends with a Dunkin' Donuts employee or manager who can slyly hand over a free drink, it looks like you won't be getting a free coffee beverage on your birthday anymore. While Dunkin' used to flaunt its amazing free birthday drink to Dunkin' Perks customers, it seems that the perk isn't available anymore. According to Dunkin's website, rewards members now instead get to "enjoy 3x points on any purchases made the day before their birthday, the day of their birthday, or the day after their birthday." It seems that the change happened just a couple of months ago amid the company's changes to its rewards program. 

According to Favorite Candle, Dunkin' featured its birthday drink reward in August 2022, making the swap to a mere 3x rewards points during members' birthdays as a push under the rug. Reddit, of course, isn't happy about the elimination of the free drink. "RIP free drinks, Dunkin is wanting all your birthday money now," posted one Redditor. "Even starbs gives u a free birthday drink," someone commented. "They really scum-bagged their loyal customers with this new rewards program. But taking away the birthday drink is like rubbing salt in your wounds. Just incredibly tacky," another person wrote.

Sigh. Thankfully, there are still a lot of popular restaurants that offer pretty awesome birthday specials to customers, like Auntie Anne's, Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry's, and more.