'Sublime Prince Of The Esoteric Order Of Cookie' Is Someone's Job Title

We know what you're thinking. "'Sublime Prince of the Esoteric Order of the What?' That sounds like a character from a bad movie or a cult leader." While in any other instance you would be correct, the truth is that this job title is not only real, but there's also an actual person who carries that title. 

According to Food & Wine, the title of "Sublime Prince of the Esoteric Order of Cookie" belongs to Steve Lewis, owner and operator of Gideon's Bakehouse located in Disney Springs at, where else, Disney World. While the Disney Springs Gideon's Bakehouse is the second location of the company, one of the most notable things about the bakery is how it came to be in Disney to begin with. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Steve Lewis, the "Sublime Prince," started out selling cookies in his home kitchen, discovering that his treats were so popular that people were reselling them for twice the price. With renewed focus, Lewis began his ascent to cookie royalty through careful experimentation, the creation of a unique and magical atmosphere, and of course, making the best cookies he could possibly make.

Now that we have a bit of context on who the "Sublime Prince of the Esoteric Order of Cookie" is, just what exactly makes Gideon's Bakehouse so special that Lewis needs such a title?

Gideon's Bakehouse makes half-pound cookies

When we talk about cookies, we're actually talking about gigantic half-pound cookies completely covered in toppings and candy. Or at least that's what we're talking about when it comes to Gideon's Bakehouse's cookies.

As Insider reports, Gideon's Bakehouse seems to perfectly match the whole "magic and mystery" vibe that Disney World offers, taking the form of a bakery in an elaborate Gothic mansion. Inspired after purchasing a doodled-in 1898 cookbook once owned by a child named Gideon at a yard sale, Lewis designed his flagship bakery filled with antiques, trinkets, and strange, fantastic illustrations. In glass cases are samples of some of Lewis' creations: half-pound cookies topped and rolled in everything from giant chocolate chips, pistachios, cinnamon, peanut butter chips, and marshmallows. Although each cookie costs around $6, the weight and size of the cookies are said to far outweigh the cost.

The Disney Tourist Blog also praises the Sublime Prince's cookies, noting that they were the "best cookies" they ever had. While the review did mention that Gideon's Bakehouse also sells cakes and coffees, the cookies are the real "star" at the bakery. 

If you for some reason don't feel like getting giant, delicious, and chewy cookies from someone who calls themselves a "prince of an esoteric order," you can visit other famous Disney World restaurants, such as some of the eateries located in the Magic Kingdom section of the park or those offering treats for the 2022 Halloween food lineup.