Trader Joe's Fans Are Raving About Its Returning Cornbread Crisps

Whether you're enjoying it slathered with butter alongside a feast of ham, collard greens, and mashed potatoes or eating a slice as dessert with a drizzle of honey, cornbread is a popular Southern side dish

Traditionally made with yellow cornmeal (giving it that golden hue), sugar, butter, and buttermilk, cornbread begun out of necessity during the late 1700s when flour was scarce thanks to the difficulty of growing wheat in the existing conditions (via The Stanford Daily). However, the sweet bread quickly rose in popularity over the next centuries as more and more Americans fell in love with it.

While there are plenty of ways to enjoy a traditional piece of cornbread, there are also a handful of cornbread-inspired snacks and products that have come out at retailers across the country. One of those just came back to shelves at Trader Joe's, along with other seasonal fall treats. According to an Instagram post by @traderjoeslist, Trader Joe's Cornbread Crisps are back — and fans are super excited about it.

It's received rave reviews from shoppers in the past

The "sweet and salty cornbread snack" was spotted by fan account @traderjoeslist at their local store in West Hills, California, where a six-ounce bag of Trader Joe's Cornbread Crisps costs $2.99 and contains six servings. The chips are seasonal, but many people on Instagram say that they're so good, they wish they were available year-round. 

Instagram raves that there are tons of uses for these crisps. While you can eat them straight out of the bag, they're also great with dips and cheeses (such as goat cheese or salsa), crushed up on soup, or tossed in a salad for added crunch. According to the Trader Joe's website, the Cornbread Crisps are just what they sound like: actual cornbread that's been cut into pieces, flattened, and baked in the oven until they come out nice and crispy.

A lot of shoppers are big fans of the chips. "Think cornbread, with it subtly earthy sweetness and salty, greasy vibe, mixed with a crumbly Wheat Thin, and that's about what we have here — but better," the blogger at What's Good at Trader Joe's wrote in a review of the Cornbread Crisps.