Miller Lite Is Ready For The Holidays With A Christmas Tree Keg Stand

Once Halloween is over, millions of Americans start to think about putting up their holiday decorations and getting their Christmas tree ready. Tradition dictates that people get their tree during Advent, the fourth Sunday before Christmas. But many people can't wait that long and prefer a head start in early November (per Yahoo!). If you're buying a real Christmas tree, you'll need to consider several factors such as freshness, tree type, how often to water it, where to display it in your room, and tree stand (via Martha Stewart). The tree will be the centerpiece of the room where you decide to put it up, so the aesthetics are important here.

When it comes to the Christmas tree stand, you'll want one adequate enough to hold your tree in place. Maybe you already have one sitting around in a storage closet, but we're betting your current tree stand doesn't double as a keg holder. If you're an outside-the-box thinker — er, or drinker — you might want to invest in Miller Lite's Christmas Tree Keg Stand to go with your favorite holiday beers.

The tree keg stand that never fills you up

Now you can surprise the beer enthusiast in your family with the gift of tasty brew from under the tree. Miller Lite is sprucing up the Yuletide season with the world's first Holiday Tree Keg Stand, a fully-functioning tree stand that fits around a quarter-barrel keg of Miller Lite under your tree. It's made to be compatible with up to a 5-foot tree and is expected to be available in limited quantities until supplies run out online, according to a press release from Miller Lite.

Note that you will still have to purchase your tree and the actual keg of Miller Lite separately. But the Christmas Tree Keg Stand makes the magic happen when all three joyous elements come together.

And if you need something to match your new keg stand, Miller Lite has other Christmas goods coming. "Beernaments," multipurpose tree ornaments bearing the Miller Lite logo that hold your beer and you can place on your tree afterward, and knitwear will also help get you in the hoppy-holly-jolly season (per USA Today). You can check out these festive offerings to dispense some serious holiday cheer on Miller Lite's online store.