What To Know About James From Great British Bake Off Season 13

Season 13 of "The Great British Bake Off" is in full swing, and it's been a delight for fans who are getting to know all of the new bakers on the show. More than 12,000 Brits apply to compete on "GBBO" every year, according to Insider, so snagging a spot in the select dozen isn't an easy feat.

One of the lucky 12 contestants in Season 13 was James Dewar, a 25-year-old nuclear scientist who hails from Cumbria (a northern English county bordering Scotland) and is originally from the east side of Glasgow. James was easily identifiable on the show, as he often wears kilts. 

As Digital Spy explains, James got his start in baking by burning pancakes in his childhood home when he was young. (He's since come a long way in mastering the technical aspects of baking.) James' favorite flavors to bake with are fall-inspired and include apples and caramel.

Mexican Week was no match for spooky James

According to Radio Times, "GBBO" contestant James Dewar is a lover of board games and 1970s horror films and music, an affinity that comes through in his "child-friendly horror" style bakes and often uses red velvet sponge (per Edinburgh News). A quick glance at James' Instagram account will show his bakes are delightfully gorey, such as a demonized pumpkin with blood coming out of its mouth and one featuring a Pinhead the Clown sculpture.

James was eliminated from "GBBO" in Week 4, Mexican Week, along with baker Rebs. James later admitted he "hated" Mexican Week (per Radio Times), but per an Instagram Story that has since expired, he had a fairly positive attitude about leaving the show. 

"Aaaah! I was on BAKE OFF. I have never had such an amazing bunch of people around me; both the bakers & the Bake Off team. No-one has motivated me more to improve & develop, cannot wait to see how the future goes. Big love, big vibes, stay spooky!" James wrote to his fans (via Wales Online).