Popeyes' 'Burnt Turkey Fragrance' Tweet Is Bringing Thanksgiving Vibes

Lately, it seems like Thanksgiving is not only about turkey, but finding as many food items as possible in which to infuse turkey flavoring. In 2021, Salt and Straw released a Caramelized Turkey & Cranberry Sauce flavored ice cream as part of their Thanksgiving flavor collection. And that same year, Brach's created a limited-time Roasted Turkey Dinner flavored Candy Corn.

But these days, the buck does not stop there. Many are starting to embrace the engagement of other senses in the food experience. Pizza Hut sort of paved the way back in 2013 by introducing its own line of pizza-inspired perfumes (via HuffPost), but a ton of other brands have done the same more recently. Idaho created a french fry-scented perfume for potato lovers to enjoy, and Salt and Straw expanded from wild flavors to wild perfume, per PR Newswire. The brand even worked hard to make it edible so it can be used as an ice cream topper. And now there is a new contender in the perfumey treat department — sort of.

Is Popeye's stealing the scented spotlight?

It looks like Popeyes has hopped on the perfume bandwagon, but fear not, it is only in jest. Rather than come out with a Thanksgiving treat-scented perfume of its own, it created a Tweet to do the job they needed. While they specialize in chicken, they seem to have expanded their repertoire to include the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, at least for the sake of a joke.

Rather than pull from a traditional turkey scent, Popeyes is banking on the scent of a treat gone wrong, namely burnt turkey. As a means of promoting their rolling menu item, Cajun-Style Turkey, the fast food chain tweeted a photo of a fake perfume labeled "burnt turkey." The tweet goes on to joke that it is the scent that comes when "you fail miserably at cooking your own turkey instead of ordering the ready-to-bake Cajun Turkey from Popeyes."

Their returning Cajun-Style Turkey, according to USA Today, is available from October 18 for pre-order and will be delivered pre-cooked, so all you have to do is reheat and serve. The tweet immediately gained a ton of attention, with a Burnt Turkey perfume Twitter account being created and fans raining praise down on them for the unique tweet idea. @LonelyCabbie84 tweeted "I'll take 3 bottles, please," and @Rawrsidclaarts proclaimed "Lmaooooooo I'm floored."