Kraft Just Brought Back Juicy Couture Tracksuits With New Smooth Lover's Collab

This is one memorably weird brand collaboration. Not that there haven't been weird collaborations before. Unexpected collabs can yield great results, like Marshemello's new air fryer line that includes a s'mores kit, rappers making kitchen appliances, definitely unexpected. But sometimes weird collabs are just weird, like when Papa John's tried to make jewelry (via PR Newswire). Okay, so that wasn't technically a collab, it was just Papa John's trying to branch out into the accessories market, but it was still weird. And sometimes, brand team-ups walk the tightrope between truly bizarre and truly brilliant. The scales have yet to tip on the unique new collaboration between Juicy Couture and Kraft Mayo.

Yes, you read that right. The velvety velour tracksuits popularized by Paris Hilton and her clique in the early aughts are back and mayo-ed out (per Vogue via YouTube). Would Hilton declare these tracksuits to be "hot," or are these blinged-out mayo fans a fashion faux pas? Well, they're certainly smooth. More on where to snag your set below.

Juicy Couture x Kraft

When you think of mayo, you probably think of spooning it into a classic egg salad recipe or slathering it on a BLT, not bedazzling it across your butt, much less your bust! But Kraft asks you to think less literally with their new drop from iconic loungewear brand Juicy Couture. Think about the smooth texture of Kraft mayo. Now think about the signature handfeel of Juicy's velour tracksuits — silky smooth again. It's that unity of luscious texture that Kraft and Juicy are calling to fans' attention with their new tongue-in-cheek product line.

Per a press release, the new drop is called The Smooth Lovers Collection and includes a super limited edition Kraft blue (aka a rich deep blue) velour tracksuit emblazoned with "Long Live Velvety" across the jacket back and "Smooth" across the butt where the classic track pants would typically read "Juicy." All that is of course written in thick rhinestone lettering — what else would Juicy use? Also bringing classic aughts style, the set comes with a coordinating piece to wear under your tracksuit if you so choose: an adorable white velour tube top with "Mayo Couture" written in, you guessed it, rhinestone lettering. The whole set retails for $150 and fittingly comes with a large jar of Kraft Mayo. It's currently available for pre-order and additional inventory will drop on November 4. But once it's gone, it's gone, so if you want to show off your mayo love, head promptly to