Marshmello's New Air Fryer Line Includes A S'mores Kit

In today's world, technology truly is on our side. This is especially true in the kitchen, thanks to the rise of the air fryer. Deep fryers were always a messy and greasy hassle, but air fryers have left those greasy memories in the past. According to NPD, over 25 million air fryers were sold from 2020 to 2021 with increased usage in the kitchen by over 60%.

With the ease of heating up leftovers or making something new, air fryers have revolutionized the way people cook in the kitchen. With its wide range of abilities, we've come up with a lot of unique recipes and foods to try out – including bananas, meatloaf, green beans, French toast, and more. How about those leftover fries? Instead of making them soggy in the microwave, the air fryer can revive and crisp them back up to perfection.

Because of its ease and convenience, just about everyone is loving their air fryer. In fact, some of your favorite chefs, celebrities, and influencers have air fryers stocked in their kitchens for the very same reasons. Have you ever thought of cooking up some marshmallows or s'mores in the air fryer with electronic producer Marshmello? Well, now you can.

Marshmello launches new air fryer collection & kits

Recently inspired by the air fryer during his global travels while on tour, electronic superstar Marshmello has teamed up with Crux to release his own collection of the handy kitchen appliance (via People). Exclusive to Best Buy, Marshmello and air fryer fanatics can get their hands on either a three-quart or eight-quart air fryer kit, each in a range of colors: Marshmello, night, lavender, and stuffed olive (via PR Newswire). The new air fryers are the first launched in the market with "TurboCrisp" technology, giving food an elevated level of crispiness and freshness in as much as half the time as a conventional oven.

What's even better — and what sets these air fryers apart from the hundreds of others currently out on the market — are the included kits. In branded fashion, Marshmello's new Crux air fryer collection includes a s'mores kit, baking kit, snack pan kit, and shish kebab kit. The air fryers and additional kits range between $20-$130 exclusively at Best Buy.

The electronic producer's new collaboration doesn't come as a surprise though. The producer started his popular "Cooking with Marshmello" YouTube channel four years ago, showing fans just how easy it is to be a top-notch chef at home (via YouTube).

"I love connecting with friends and fans through food. #YOUCANAIRFRYTHAT challenges us to remix the ordinary and means you can crisp and cook anything, both savory and sweet," says Marshmello.