The Aldi Chips Reddit Has Named The Best Ever

Is it just us, or is the chip aisle one of the best sections at the grocery store? Dozens of colorful bags filled with crispy, crunchy, and sometimes puffy snacks, and an assortment of dips to pair them with — does it get any better than that? A stroll down the potato chips lane at most supermarkets will have shoppers deciding between familiar snacks like Doritos, Fritos, and Pringles. However, at Aldi, the selection looks a little different. Rather than presenting patrons with third-party products, the German grocer explains on its website that nearly 90% of what it sells is from its own private label, which is part of the reason it's able to put such low price tags on its food. As such, Aldi shoppers venturing through the chip aisle will be greeted with several bags of the popular snack food they can't find anywhere else.

In addition to selling all the standard flavors like plain, barbeque, and sour cream & onion, the budget-friendly chain also offers a wide selection of chips that are unique to them, such as Clancy's brand Cuban Sandwich chips that have become an obsession for Aldi shoppers over the years. Simply Nature Bean Chips are another fan-favorite that even won the title of best chip in the 2021 Product of the Year awards – though some Redditors would argue that there's a different chip from the Aldi-exclusive organic brand that's the best on the shelf.

Shoppers can't get enough of Aldi's Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips

It's not too often that you hear someone claim that sweet potatoes are superior to their regular potato counterparts, but when it comes to Aldi's potato chips, that actually appears to be the case. Though the chain's Clancy's brand potato chips are a major hit with shoppers like Aldi Reviewer, who once said they were on par with Lay's, it's the grocer's Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips that have captivated Reddit's heart.

"These might be the best chips I've ever had," Reddit user u/JawnSack declared in a post to the Aldi subreddit page — and it turns out they're hardly alone in their belief. "I agree. They are excellent," read one comment on the thread. "These are a favorite of mine too," quipped another, while u/Suspicious_Novel9382 left a note that was even more enthusiastic. "Those f**kin smack," they said.

As part of the Simply Nature brand, Aldi's Sweet Potato Chips are both organic and non-GMO verified, and are also suitable for those following a gluten-free diet, as well. Reddit user u/mzdkay1369 suggests a sprinkle of southwest spice on them, while the blogger Bachelor on the Cheap said pairing them with some type of dip is the way to go. However, regardless of how you choose to indulge, you may want to do so with caution, as one Redditor claimed it was easy to down a whole bag if you're not careful.