Instagram Is In Love With Giada De Laurentiis' New Pantry Packaging

Giada De Laurentiis is one of the most prominent celebrity chefs in America, known for her knowledge on Italian cuisine, plethora of TV shows on the Food Network, and best-selling cookbooks. Her warm demeanor and inviting smile captured the hearts of audiences when she debuted on the Food Network back in 2003, and she's been gracing the screens of Americans' TV screens ever since. In addition to her TV shows and books, De Laurentiis has also opened two restaurants in Las Vegas and launched a pantry product line, Giadzy.

Giadzy is a curated selection of regional Italian food products not widely available to the U.S. market, including Italian-made pastas, canned tomatoes, olive oils, amarettis, and more. De Laurentiis selects products that are unique to specific Italian regions, "The producers I have chosen to share with you are mostly small, family-owned companies, all guided by tradition — many of them have been doing things the same way for more than a century," De Laurentiis said (via Giadzy).

Shoppers can browse products by region, food category, or by pre-packaged Giadzy gift boxes. It's clear to shoppers by scrolling through Giadzy's aesthetic and colorful site, that these products look the part, too, showcasing gorgeously packaged foods that sell themselves. It only makes sense that Giadzy branding matches the virtuous products. Instagram commenters gushed over the colorful and bold new pantry packaging in an October 13 Giadzy Instagram video.

Giadzy's bright and bold new packaging

Branded packaging is a crucial part of commerce business that helps brands stand apart from competition, reinforce brand identity, and enhances customer experience, according to Looka. The new Giadzy packaging depicts bright yellow lemons and farfalle pasta, inspired by vintage Italian iconography, Giadzy explained on LinkedIn.

Giada De Laurentiis showed off the new packaging in the October 13 Instagram video, adorning the new Giadzy logo and revealing the box iconography on the lid and interior. "This has been a labor of love," De Laurentiis says in the video. "It took us, I dunno, six months to get this box where we needed it to be." Commenters on Instagram gushed with positive feedback, "They are beautiful. I kept mine I loved it so much. Thank you," said one Instagram user. "Your packaging was always well done but this is definitely next level!! Congratulations," one commenter wrote.

De Laurentiis has created a symbiotic relationship between her ventures, crafting delicious Italian recipes made with fine regional Italian ingredients suppled and imported by Giadzy. And now, fans can make De Laurentiis' favorite dishes while exploring regional Italian products curated by the chef herself.