Marcus Samuelsson's Heartwarming Tribute To Renowned Food Critic Gael Greene

Chefs and critics often have some contentious relationships, but ultimately, where there is critique, there is also a level of respect between the crafter and the one judging it. And one of the most prominent critics of fine dining and chefdom was none other than Gael Greene, who died earlier this week at 88 years old. Greene was a writer for the New York Magazine for 40 years, according to Eater, and the first to pen the word "foodie," which both professionals, and those who simply love food, use regularly.

As Eater put it, Greene's writing formed a fine line "between sensuous appreciation and blunt instrument," providing both humor and warmth as well as an honest "assessment" of meals. And in addition to her grace on the page, she was a saint in action, helping to fund Citymeals on Wheels with James Beard in 1981, an organization that still merits help from some big-name celebrity chefs like Sandra Lee. It's no wonder she has garnered such loving praise from some of the food world's most beloved chefs, including Marcus Samuelsson.

Chefs pay Gael Green respect via Twitter

Chef Samuelsson is best known for his celebrity status in the food world, but the chef has been lauded for his family-oriented lifestyle amidst the chaos, as well as his community and charitable activism, and his ability to remain positive and endearing despite long hours in the kitchen and on camera. And the chef was quite clearly enamored of critic Gael Greene. Upon her passing, Samuelsson penned a heartwarming piece of his own on Twitter, calling out Greene's "poetic" and landscape-altering writing, and praising her for her chairmanship of City Meals on Wheels, an organization he also holds "near and dear" to his own heart.

Along with his tribute, the chef posted two pictures, one of him and Greene in a warm embrace and another of Greene speaking next to him at what seems to be one of his establishments. A quick search on Twitter will help fans realize just how many other big names in the food world are commiserating as well. Ruth Reichl tweeted about her "huge heart and a huge talent," noting "She is irreplaceable." José Andrés chimed in as well, calling Greene "a legend" and wishing "I could have more time with her" (via Twitter).