Krispy Kreme Just Dropped Its 'Mini Pie' Thanksgiving Collection

Between the parades, football games, and family time, there's a lot to look forward to on Thanksgiving Day, but nothing makes us giddier to get up early on a Thursday morning than — you guessed it — the food. The Turkey Day meal is arguably the most important feast of the year, and while everybody's dinner looks a little different, there are a few components of the spread that appear on just about every plate across the country.

Turkey, of course, is the star of the show on the third Thursday in November. Believe it or not, a 2021 survey conducted by Bits and Pieces found it was the Thanksgiving dish that Americans get the most excited about year after year. The survey also found mashed potatoes and pie to be T-day faves, though the downside of being someone who looks forward to the traditional Thanksgiving dessert the most is that it comes at the tail end of the meal. Even if you're like Ryan Seacrest and sit down early for your Turkey Day dinner, you still have to try to save room for a slice or two of your favorite treats, which we can probably all agree isn't exactly the easiest task in the world. So this year, Krispy Kreme is offering pie fanatics and doughnut lovers alike the opportunity to indulge in the beloved pastries right when they wake up with its new Thanksgiving "mini pie" doughnuts that Business Wire reports are available at participating KK locations now.

Krispy Kreme's Thanksgiving treats come in four pie-inspired flavors

Ditching breakfast on Thanksgiving may seem like a good strategy to ensure you have room in your belly for all of your favorite dishes and desserts. However, as registered dietician Katherine Tallmadge explained to Live Science, you should actually go ahead with your morning meal as usual, and if you're part of the 12.7% of Americans who said in Bits and Pieces' 2021 survey that they look forward to pies the most on Turkey Day, Krispy Kreme has just the brekkie for you. According to Business Wire, the North Carolina-based doughnut chain has released a collection of mini doughnuts inspired by classic T-Day desserts in honor of the upcoming holiday.

The treats are offered in 16-count boxes and come in four flavors like Pecan Pie, which features a "mini Original Glazed doughnut topped with a gooey butter tart filling, chopped pecans, and snickerdoodle cookie pieces." There are also mini Pumpkin Pie and Lemon Kreme doughnuts, as well as a mini Dutch Apple Pie that is made with both an apple pie filling and caramel icing and is garnished with cinnamon, snickerdoodle cookie bits, and a caramel drizzle.

The collection is available at participating KK locations from now until Thanksgiving, much to the apparent delight of fans on Instagram, and will even score you a 12-count box of the chain's Original Glazed doughnuts when you purchase a pack on November 18 or 19. Now that's something to be thankful for.