The Breakfast Rule Everyone Should Follow Thanksgiving Morning

When it comes to breakfast, there's a well-known rule many might follow — don't skip it. Eating breakfast is linked to plenty of benefits from improved concentration to a lowered risk of getting heart disease, according to WebMD. Along with drinking water and getting exercise, a "nourishing breakfast," when incorporated into a morning routine, can give you a much better chance of managing stress, too (per HuffPost).

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you might need all the assistance you can get in this department. Thanksgiving can be a hectic time when you are contending with flight delays and crowded grocery stores. November and December are the busiest grocery shopping months, according to the CGA, so do yourself a favor and shop for your Thanksgiving groceries late in evening the Tuesday before turkey day (via CNBC).

And if you're hosting overnight guests this year, you'll want to follow this other, lesser-known breakfast rule in order to conquer Thanksgiving morning.

Make your own breakfast

Whether you volunteered to or if it happens to be your year to prepare Thanksgiving dinner and all its side dishes, remember, you are not required to cook around the clock for your visiting guests. According to Southern Living, a good host needs only to fill the fridge with the "types of beverages and snacks your guest enjoys" in order to make them feel at home. For bonus points, it suggests stocking the guest rooms with bottled water and granola bars.

On Thanksgiving morning, Real Simple suggests letting your guests make their own breakfast. What's key here is to stock your pantry with grab-and-go items like muffins everyone will love and cereals, too. The helpful advice is intended to help you "focus on cooking the feast." And it leaves you with this pro tip — to make sure someone is on coffee duty. Keeping things easy is the name of the game and delegating is a good way to prevent stress. It's right up there with time management and not overcommitting (per Entrepreneur).