Ree Drummond's 'Marvelous' Red Sauce Has Everything That Family Food Needs

Multi-hyphenate culinary star Ree Drummond has amassed a level of success that supports her right to the moniker of "The Pioneer Woman." The cookbook author, television star, and social media maven has conquered many aspects of the culinary world while retaining the relatable and authentic personality that made fans fall in love with her. In a recent Instagram post, that lovable and fun personality was on full display and was greeted cheerfully by fans.

For those unaware, the food channel star cooks up and shares classic southern cuisine on her ranch with her husband, Llad, and her children. In an interview with Design & Interview, Ree explained that her moniker comes from friends' reactions to her marrying her husband, a cowboy, and moving to a rural area. This was a stark contrast for the woman who went to USC and worked in marketing "toward aging Baby Boomers." Her decision to focus on the latter sparked her success when she began blogging in 2006. Now, she has over 4 million followers on Instagram whom she can engage at a moment's notice.

Ree Drummond's marvelous red sauce

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, gave fans some much-needed fun content in a recent Instagram post. While she added canned whole tomatoes to her "marvelous" red sauce, Ree opined that it was "saucy and marvelous" as it was all coming together. She then stated that's what is critical to any family meal and are the qualities she looks for in a life partner. Given The Pioneer Woman's love for her husband, Ladd, it's safe to say she found just that. The post garnered great responses from celebrities and fans alike.

Actress Drew Barrymore affectionately replied, "Do You!!! Be You! It's What We Love." A user complimented her humor, saying, "The mom jokes always get me! You're the best, Ree!" Arguably the best response came from someone who hilariously responded, "BRB, changing the headline on my dating profile to 'saucy and marvelous,'" to which Drummond appropriately responded with a laughing emoji.