Hot Dog On A Stick Just Dropped Limited-Edition Pineberry Lemonade

Hot Dog on a Stick is a franchise fast food chain serving up freshly made corn dogs, plus fare like cheese on a stick, fried funnel cake, and lemonade. According to the chain's website, the original location was a small red beach shack located in Santa Monica, California. After the success of the corn dog (aka a hot dog on a stick), owner Dave Barham took his invention to state fairs to serve up hungry crowds. Nowadays, you'll find the fast-casual restaurant inside malls across America.

Even though the restaurant draws customers in with its corndogs and deep-fried cheese on a stick, the flavored drinks customers grab after downing a salty snack are almost equally notable. Case in point: Hot Dog on a Stick prides itself on making "hand-stomped lemonade." Even in out-of-state locations, the lemonade is made with lemons from Ventura County, California. The three regular flavors are lemon, lime, and cherry. For those who need an extra dose of chill, customers can order their lemonade frozen. Hot Dog on a Stick also occasionally offers new, limited-release lemonade, like its Jolly Rancher blue raspberry lemonade. Hot Dog on a Stick's newest flavor combines two fruit flavors for a tangy, sweet treat.

The lemonade is only here through the end of the year

According to Chew Boom, Hot Dog on a Stick's newest beverage flavor is pineberry lemonade. It combines the chain's signature lemonade with fresh pineberries. Pineberries are white strawberries that taste like a pineapple-strawberry mashup. The pineberry has a white or light pinkish hue, compared to a regular strawberry. While it seems like the fruit would be genetically modified, the pineberry is actually a crossbreed (per Strawberry Plants).

Per Chew Boom, the corn dog chain says its pineberry lemonade possesses "Perfectly balanced flavors of strawberry and sweet pineapple." Just like the other lemonades, pineberry can be ordered regular or frozen. Customers shared their enthusiasm for the new beverage on the company's Instagram. "Ooo those berries are so good! Must try this!" one user commented.

The new pineberry lemonade at Hot Dog on a Stick follows on the heels of the latest fruit flavors, fresh blueberry and ruby red grapefruit lemonade. A seasonal small lemonade sells for $4.79, while the regular lime and cherry flavors have a 99-cent additional cost. Hot Dog on a Stick notes that the newest flavor will be gone by the end of December, so those wanting to try it should get there before it's too late.