Hot Dog On A Stick's New Drink Tastes Like A Jolly Rancher

Hot Dog on a Stick has apparently been on a decades-long mission to unite lemonade and hot dog lovers and has had some help from big names along the way. The quick service restaurant has been a part of the Southern California landscape since 1946. Per Los Angeles Daily News, it grew from a beach stand into a mall food court presence in the 1980s. The hot dog chain has since made cameos on screens big and small. From "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" to "Stranger Things" to the music video for Billie Eilish's "Therefore I Am" (via Product Placement Blog), Hot Dog on a Stick and its famous blue, yellow, red, and white stripes have made plenty of high profile appearances. 

Well, now the fast food hod dog chain recently announced in a press release (via Global Newswire) that it has teamed up with another popular brand to add a different stripe of blue to its menu. Hot Dog on a Stick and Jolly Rancher have created a new lemonade flavor: Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry. It's available in frozen form or as regular liquid lemonade. One way customers can't have it, however, is as a permanent menu item.

It will only be around for a limited time

Hot Dog on a Stick apparently also wants to be thought of as Candy in a Cup. The company's announcement shared that its new Jolly Rancher flavor will only be around for the month of May, but then, all bets are off. A few Hot Dog on a Stick fans expressed excitement on Instagram. One wrote, "Omg I need." Another had a special request: "Could you add this to door dash please." At least one commenter can only live vicariously through those who reside in certain parts of the southwestern United States and can try this "biggest, boldest & juiciest" Jolly Rancher flavor of a drink. "I wish I could try it but I live in Florida..." the IGer wrote.

These are just the types of reactions Hot Dog on a Stick seems to be hoping for (well, maybe not the sad Florida one). The Senior Director of Marketing of FAT Brands' Quick-Service Division, Katie Thoms said, "Our brand is built around bringing happiness to our fans and we are confident this new flavor collaboration with Jolly Rancher will accomplish that."