Papa Murphy's Is Officially Bringing Back Its Hog-Heaven Pizza

When you start to daydream about pizza (as one does), what comes to mind is the doughy crust, fresh marinara, and mounds of melted, gooey cheese. While that may be how your average pie appears, pizza doesn't have to be prepared this way. In this day and age, anyone can enjoy a hot slice of pizza. Gluten-free? Find a chain that offers cauliflower pizza crusts. Vegan? Ask for your pizza without cheese (the same goes for lactose-intolerant folks). Reddit even has some genius veggie alternatives to meat toppings on pizza.

That said, pizza will also always hold a strong appeal for all the carnivores in the world. In fact, when it comes to America's favorite pizza toppings, pepperoni and sausage slide into an impressive first and second place (per YouGovAmerica). From soppressata and prosciutto to bacon and meatballs, the pizza toppings available to meat lovers are endless. And who said you needed to pick one topping when you can pick two or three (or four or five)? If you love a hefty pie covered with various types of meat, then you should tune into Papa Murphy's latest pizza debut. This Kentucky-based chain is bringing back its hog-heaven pizza, and as the name suggests, the pizza heavily features pork-based products.

Papa Murphy's Hog Heaven pizza will be available until December 25

Papa Murphy's has its fair share of meaty specialty pizzas like the 5-meat Stuffed Pie, the limited edition Triple Pepp pizza, and the Chicken Bacon Stuffed pie. But if you're getting tired of the pizza chain's current offerings and are looking to switch things up, you can now hop on the Hog Heaven train. This product, which will be available for a limited time only, features "Canadian bacon, crispy bacon, and ground Italian sausage," as noted by a press release.

Kim McBee, SVP of Guest Experience and Brand Marketing for Papa Murphy's shared that the company is "excited to bring back the Hog Heaven Pizza," and goes on to say that "We pride ourselves in creating innovative ways to bring tasty pizza to our fans. The Hog Heaven pizza creates a mixture of sweet, savory and crispy greatness with each bite."

The Kentucky-based chain is also offering a Hog Heaven bundle, which includes the large, meaty pizza, its famous Scratch-made-5-Cheese Bread, and a 2-liter Pepsi product. The press release also notes that the Hog Heaven pizza will only be available through December 25.