Blaze Pizza Is Celebrating 10 Years With Over 16,000 Pizza Freebies

When it comes to birthdays, we've come to naturally expect cake. It'd be a little out of the ordinary to have a birthday pie, for example — especially if it's a pizza pie. But then again, what better birthday bash is there than a pizza party? That's apparently what Blaze Pizza thought, too. The build-your-own pizza company is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month, and it's doing so by giving out free pizzas across the country all November long.

The bespoke pizza chain started way back in 2012, with its first location opening near the UC Irvine campus in Southern California, per the The Orange County Register. Since then, Blaze has expanded into an international sensation with restaurants in Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and beyond. A decade later, Blaze is celebrating its success by doing what it knows best: serving up hot 'za. However, there's one catch for those interested in a free pie.

You'll need a stroke of luck to get a free pizza from Blaze

On November 1, Blaze announced its 10th birthday campaign on Instagram. The festivities essentially consist of a lottery, as one post said Blaze would "slide into your DMs" to offer you a free pizza. The chain invited users to follow Blaze on all of its social media platforms to increase their chances of getting sent a message.

Blaze is also spreading love in the form of free pizza in real life. In a press release, the chain said its employees have been given a number of vouchers — around 16,000 in total, to be more specific — for a free 11-inch pizza, good until December 15. The employees were instructed to give out the coupons as they see fit, not only to customers at Blaze, but also to a "cashier at the grocery store, a neighbor, or just someone that could use a little something to brighten up their day," explains Blaze Pizza CEO Mandy Shaw. "Everyone loves pizza, so we thought this would be the perfect party favor to help celebrate our 10th birthday!"

Blaze's lottery-style approach to its 10th "birthday party" is pretty unique with respect to anniversary promotions by other fast food chains. Dairy Queen celebrated its 75th anniversary with 75-cent cones this past spring, while this summer saw Popeyes bring back a fan-favorite side for its 50th anniversary. Judging by the social media chatter, with Blaze fans saying they'd be happy to come to the party, they aren't too put off by the luck-of-the-draw special.