Popeyes Just Brought Back A Fan-Favorite Side For Its 50th Anniversary

Fast-food restaurants love to celebrate big events — especially their own anniversaries or birthdays. It's a time for restaurants to give back to their customers and essentially thank them for keeping the chain in business. This year, Popeye's is joining the fun and giving back to customers in a few ways throughout the early summer in honor of its 50th anniversary (per Nation's Restaurant News).

In a time when prices keep climbing, Popeye's has decided to offer some relief. For the week between June 12 and June 19, the fried chicken giant rolled back its menu prices — way, way back — to 1972. This means customers scored a two-piece order of chicken for just $0.59, which is a fraction of the roughly $9 dinner option consumers would normally order.

If you missed the 59-cent chicken, though, Popeye's is offering other promotions for its anniversary — including bringing back a fan-favorite side for a limited time.

Popeye's Cajun rice is making a limited-time comeback

If you've really been missing Popeye's Cajun rice, you'll rejoice in knowing the chain is bringing back this popular side for a limited time. According to Restaurant Business Online, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Popeye's will be offering the rice as a side starting June 21. The rice was previously known as rice dressing, per Nation's Restaurant News, and was discontinued back in 2021. The chain plans to offer another deal alongside the Cajun rice, which will be a five-piece breaded chicken special retailing for just $6.99 at participating locations.

Popeye's has had some success in the past few years, which may account for the ability to offer lower anniversary celebration prices during a time of inflation. According to QSR, the launch of the Chicken Sandwich back in 2019 saw customers come in droves, to the tune of a whopping $400,000 more in sales per restaurant. The chain's sales rose nearly 38% just in the fourth quarter of 2019 — a skyrocketing increase. In addition to celebrating a 50-year accomplished business, the chicken specials and cajun rice side might also be a small thank you to its loyal customers who have helped keep the fast food spot up and running.