Dairy Queen Is Celebrating Its 75th Anniversary With A 75-Cent Cone

If you walked into a Dairy Queen during the chain's earliest days of existence, you might not recognize many of the restaurant's offerings. Click Americana reports that the brand pushed hard to sell strawberry-topped sundaes and desserts, and the prices reflected the times. One advertisement talked up 19-cent malts and shakes on May 1, 1956, while the chain celebrated its sweet sixteen with 16-cent strawberry sundaes that same year.

Those prices can't even compare to the original menu. According to Taste of Home, Dairy Queen ice cream cones sold for a nickel, while sundaes went for eight cents back in 1940. Diners didn't see the iconic Dilly Bar until 1954 and the Blizzard only made its debut appearance back in 1985. The chain's menu has come a long way, but no one should expect prices to look similar to how they did decades ago when the brand first opened its doors. Despite the changing times and costs, Dairy Queen plans to give a nod back to its glory days thanks to a particular promotion that honors its 75th anniversary.

A sweet way to celebrate a 75th anniversary

Dairy Queen plans to basically treat customers to an ice cream cone in honor of its latest anniversary. According to KENS5, Texas-based diners can plan to hit up their local Dairy Queen and score a 75-cent ice cream cone in honor of the chain's big day. Customers can grab chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream cones until Sunday, April 24 at the new rate that could remind anyone of the brand's Sweet Sixteen promotion back in 1956. In addition to grabbing a chocolate-dipped cone, fans of the chain can also choose to try the Fruity Blast Dipped Cone. This offering comes coated with purple fruity cereal and would look radically out of place if a patron from the early days of the restaurant saw it.

The promotion appears to only service Texas locations, so you might need to plan a road trip very soon if you want to score this deal. You might never get the chance to experience the original Dairy Queen prices of 1940 again, but it looks like this promotion might take you as close as possible and evoke the golden age of this restaurant.