Instagram Is Divided Over Aldi's Turkey Stuffing Chips

Everyone has their own favorite foods when it comes to November's annual feast day, but there is a handful of traditional staples in most homes across the United States. We're talking about the massive roast turkey that's the piece de resistance of the Thanksgiving meal, the army of side dishes like mashed potatoes and stuffing, and the classic desserts like pumpkin pie and apple pie. According to a YouGov survey, turkey and stuffing are two of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes, with 83% and 77% of people respectively choosing them as their go-tos over other options in 2020.

For the many people who dubbed turkey and stuffing the best of the best of the holiday feast, there's a crunchier way to enjoy them. Aldi recently announced on Instagram the return of their popular Thanksgiving-themed snack: Clancy's Turkey Stuffing Wavy Potato Chips. The unique find is available for a limited time only at Aldi locations nationwide — and shoppers can't agree on whether or not they're worth buying.

People either love them or hate them

Clancy's Turkey Stuffing Wavy Potato Chips have turned out to be pretty controversial on social media. It seems that people are either in love with them or somehow disappointed by them. Let's start with the positive. "My family legit raved more about these chips than the actual turkey and stuffing," user lilycatandmiatoo commented on Aldi's recent Instagram post. An enthusiastic stephanikkii exclaimed, "Aaaahhhh those crips are the best!!!" Others professed their love for the chips.

Now onto the negative. User rhondalou1961 simply said, "No thanks on the chips." But s.walden91 had more of an explanation: "Was disappointed. ... They were way too salty and I love salty things." Elsewhere on the internet, there was also a mix of approval and rejection. On Reddit, one person raved, "They taste exactly like stuffing!" while another added, "They're so weird, but I keep eating them."

A reviewer at Y.105 FM in Rochester said the flavor is a no-go from them because there's "not one bit of turkey taste." They went on to say, "The lack of turkey flavor means a lack of balance ... I'm not going to buy 'em again." A taste tester for Mashed echoed the idea that the turkey aspect of the flavor was missing. In the above-mentioned Reddit thread, someone complained, "The chip itself was bland. Like others have said, the seasoning is straight up stuffing seasoning."