The Employee-Made Domino's Pizza Reddit Believes Is Perfect

A Domino's employee put together a pizza, showed it off on Reddit, and has received the nod of approval for perfection. The latter is not something that happens to fast-casual chains very often.

In fact, social media can be dangerous for fast food brands, irrespective of what they sell. Take Dunkin', for example – they landed in hot water for the coffee they served to a Redditor. McDonald's bravely mentioned microwaving fries and got a particularly savage thrashing on Twitter — what started as fans crooning turned against the twin arch brand and became hectoring. Popeyes suffered a similar fate when they tried a James Webb parody with a biscuit and dubbed it a distant moon. While initially, fans laughed with them, the humor turned nasty, and soon Twitter was laughing at them.

Twitter, which seems like the place where the egos of fast food chains go to die (unless, of course, you are Wendy's, per USA Today), has been particularly kind to Domino's, making it look like the wooly little lamb of the fast food scene. Yes, they are not immune to the odd criticism, but it is never a widespread odium that makes the news.

A Domino's employee impresses

A Reddit user and Domino's employee, who goes by Jewelz_Experimental, has Reddit salivating, which is more than many franchises, or monolithic brands can say of their accomplishments on social media. The netizen posted a picture of a perfectly round and browned pizza to the platform. The cheesy craftwork displayed small pieces of spinach and meat morsels.

The caption read "Rare Commercial-Ready Pizza." Throughout the comment section, one user begged to differ: "Not quite commercial ready — but looks way better than what usually gets sent out the door." How pizzas leave the restaurant door is arguable, but given the existence of a Youtube video showing a driver from the DoorDash delivery service carrying pizza vertically, then spilling it and stuffing it back into its box — we can only imagine what some customers face when they open their boxes.

In the context of the Youtube video in question, it makes a lot more sense why Reddit is so impressed with Jewelz_Experimental's pizza.