Popeyes Hilariously Parodied The James Webb Telescope Scandal

The James Webb Space Telescope is a technological benchmark of our time, but of late, it's also been a feature in practical jokes, scandals, and, perhaps most unexpectedly, Popeyes's social media content.

One example of a scandal is the growing lobby to change the telescope's name. The reason for this was that James Webb, the administrator at NASA in the 1960s after whom it was named, was anti-homosexual. According to NPR, he contributed to "the purge of homosexuals from government jobs" during that era.

More recently, French physicist Etienne Klein posted a picture of a slice of red Spanish sausage on Twitter and said it was the closest star to the sun. Being a trusted figure in science circles, he had his followers eating out of his hand. Klein's amusement was not complete until he broke the news of his Spanish sausage space hoax via another tweet stating, "I feel compelled to clarify that this tweet showing an alleged snapshot of Proxima Centauri was a form of amusement." Not everybody was as amused — at least not as amused as Popeyes was. In fact, the food chain found it so entertaining that they posted their own version of the jibe.

Popeyes James Webb telescope sighting

Some of us thrive in the chaos, and when there is not enough, we create some of our own. Popeyes decided it would be a good idea to zoom in on one of their golden-yellow biscuits and post it on Twitter, captioning it, "found a distant moon with warm temperatures." Initially, the engagement generated the desired interaction. "That's very great," said one follower; "Let me eat it," quipped another. 

On the other hand, some took the opportunity to complain about their sub-par Popeyes experiences, and things seemed to turn against the Louisianan franchise when customers began asking for refunds on unsatisfactory purchases. Another commenter complained about an outlet being out of sides and accused their staff of being rude and incompetent. To Popeyes's credit, the joke didn't spill over into their responses to these complaints. Instead, they offered to help the commenters, but it did not turn the negative tide.

If the Popeyes's biscuit was a distant moon, their followers believed it was completely void of moisture, and as one commenter's tweet put it: "Just like the vacuum of space it's going to vacuum all the moisture out ya mouth." While that could be true, Popeyes's new moon is still a place we'd happily visit anytime.