Twitter Is Amazed By Anthony Bourdain's Sour Cream Scrambled Egg Hack

The scrambled egg has been portrayed as a simple dish that anyone can whip up in mere minutes. Why, then, is this breakfast dish such a hot topic of culinary debate? Seriously, it seems like everyone has the secret to perfect scrambled eggs. Celebrity chefs and other great epicurean minds have all weighed in, of course. And, oddly, some of their opinions are contradictory. 

Several chefs say you must eschew milk when making scrambled eggs. Award-winning chef Dan Joines agrees, telling the Mirror it makes them taste bland and changes their consistency to something akin to rubber. Rubbery food is never good. Yet, in this YouTube video, Ina Garten tells viewers that they can add half-and-half or milk to their scrambled eggs while adding that the former does add a "je ne sais quoi" quality. Clearly, the milk debate rages on. Gordon Ramsay's MasterClass scrambled eggs contain crème fraîche. He also adds sea urchin tongues, so his grocery store is more fully-stocked than most. Conversely, Dolly Parton swears by good old, accessible-to-everyone ice water. The legendary songstress told Southern Living that by adding just a few drops to the eggs while they're cooking, you'll make them super fluffy. 

If you're now majorly befuddled, perhaps Anthony Bourdain can set the record straight. What nifty technique did this culinary expert use to make his scrambled eggs a thing of greatness? And why has it rendered the folks on Twitter amazed?  

Twitter is giving Bourdain's egg hack two thumbs up

As a widely respected chef and food writer, few people knew food better than the late Anthony Bourdain. So what did this culinary genius have to say on the subject of scrambled eggs? A YouTube video shows Bourdain concocting a mouth-watering plate of scrambled eggs using bacon and chives. But does he add milk, crème fraîche, half-and-half, or water? No, his "creaminess creator" is sour cream, a seemingly logical decision. And, the folks at Twitter are raving over this choice. 

When Twitter user @draculavoice posted that they had tried Bourdain's scrambled eggs-with-sour cream trick and their life had been revolutionized, comments poured in. Several were enthused by the idea and said they would be trying it out, while some said that cream cheese works as well. Interesting. Others jumped on the sour cream train saying it's also good when added to ramen noodles or mashed potatoes, and one added that there is a plethora of sour cream soup recipes as well. And, of course, some whipped up a batch of Bourdain's eggs right away and were very impressed. One added that it's extra yummy if you mix some taco seasoning in the sour cream first. 

Whether you're a fan of scrambled eggs, Anthony Bourdain, or sour cream, itself, you may want to test this technique. You're likely pondering how many eggs you have in the fridge right now. In case you're wondering, Bourdain used three.