The Secret To Perfect Scrambled Eggs, According To Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was undeniably gifted in the kitchen and had some reliable tips to nail the art of cooking. According to BuzzFeed, the chef was old school and preferred to cook with traditional concepts in mind. He was a fan of simplicity and didn't think it was a great idea to go the extra mile when it wasn't necessary. 

Bourdain was spot on when he said, "Have a plan. Be organized. Keep it simple. Don't overthink. Work clean. And always — when doing something to food, ask yourself: Is this making it better? Or is it just an attempt at impressing?" (via Williams Sonoma.) Also, Bourdain believed that making a classic dish like scrambled eggs came down to a few basic tricks. For example, he told Tech Insider that working with fresh eggs is very important every single time. In particular, he said that the star of the dish is the egg, which means that it should be the focus.

Anthony Bourdain always used a flat surface to crack eggs

As per a Tech Insider video on YouTube, Anthony Bourdain had a cardinal rule when it came to eggs: Always use a flat surface to crack eggs instead of using a bowl. Bourdain said that this method allowed him to ensure that no eggshells got into the mixture in the vessel. Another piece of advice? Beat your eggs well with a fork, but don't overdo it if you're after the perfect colors and texture.

Also, don't do this beforehand because beating eggs just before adding them to a hot pan is crucial. Bourdain explained why: "You get this, sort of, odd greying, stippling effect that's ... you probably recognize from greasy spoons." Eeks. And one of his most helpful tips? Stick to the basics like salt, pepper, and piping hot butter. No milk or cream to distract you from the main elements in the dish. As Bourdain rightfully said, "It's about the egg. You know you're not making a quiche here, you're making scrambled eggs."