33% Of People Trust This Food Delivery App The Least- Mashed Survey

For those of you who came of age in the post-delivery app era, it may come as somewhat of a shock to hear tales of the olden days when ordering out for dinner generally meant a choice of Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and maybe, if you were really lucky, a local Chinese carryout. Otherwise, if you wanted food to go, you had to — gasp! — go out and get it.

While many food delivery apps date back to the early 2010s, CNBC says this service didn't really take off until McDonald's started delivering via Uber Eats in 2017. Five years later on, we now take it for granted that we can get a Big Mac brought right to our door, even if all of the associated fees practically triple the cost.

Throughout much of the country, we even have our choice of delivery apps, all of them offering potentially dubious delivery experiences as well as inflated prices. With this in mind, Mashed conducted a survey about how the different delivery apps stack up against one another, specifically seeking to find out which ones we trust the least.

604 people responded to our poll and told us how they really feel about DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, Seamless, and Uber Eats. Interestingly enough, the companies with the highest and lowest scores are actually under the same corporate umbrella.

Seamless is seen as somewhat shady

The least trustworthy of the apps, as per our poll respondents, is Seamless, with over 33% feeling dubious about this delivery service. Seamless, however, is a subsidiary of Grubhub, which is the app that, by default, is seen as the best of the bunch, with fewer than 11% of pollees finding it particularly untrustworthy. (And this is despite the fact that Chuck E. Cheese pizza and Applebee's wings have been passed off on GrubHub as the products of local mom-and-pop providers.)

Moving further down the list, the second-least trustworthy food delivery app as per our poll (try saying that phrase three times fast) is Uber Eats, with nearly 20% of the vote. Postmates, the app known for delivering other stuff besides food, earned over 19% to come in at number three, while fourth place goes to DoorDash with about 17% of the vote.

While Mashed readers may find GrubHub to be somewhat more trustworthy than DoorDash, it's apparently way behind in sales. According to Bloomberg Second Measure data from May 2022, DoorDash had a whopping 59% market share, while Grubhub and its subsidiaries (Seamless included) lagged way behind at just 13%.