TikTok Is Grossed Out Over This 'Contaminated' McDonald's DoorDash Order

Recently, Erika Jordan waited with her kids for a delivery of McDonald's carried by a driver from DoorDash. Yet, when the food arrived, much of it had already been consumed. "Seriously, I'm going to embarrass this Juan who was the dasher," she wrote in the text overlay of the video she posted on TikTok. The seals on the takeout bag had been broken, about half of the fries were eaten, and one bottle of milk was nearly empty, she said. "Come on seriously this is ridiculous," she shared in the caption. "Told my kids not to eat it, screw that."

As of this writing, Jordan's video has been viewed 1.7 million times, and feedback on the post ranges in opinion. Many users were aghast, leaving comments like, "Exactly why we should be able to tip AFTER delivery," and sharing their own negative experiences with food delivery apps. Others were from fellow delivery drivers who were also shocked but wanted to make it clear that "not every DoorDasher is like this." Some viewers thought Jordan's video could have been staged: "She opened it, ate it, and now is crying. Yea. Ok," one said. Later, Jordan shared another video showing her conversation with the DoorDash support team, which agreed to issue her a full refund.

What happened to the DoorDash driver involved?

Unfortunately, Jordan's case with her DoorDash delivery is not an anomaly. In 2019, US Foods conducted a survey in which 28% of delivery drivers from popular food delivery services admitted to taking food from an order. Meanwhile, 21% of customers said they've suspected their driver of taking some of their food. Moreover, according to The Takeout, some people believe there is a "loophole" in policies from companies such as UberEats instructing deliverers to throw away food if the customer does not respond to attempted contact: Opponents say this makes it easy for drivers to cancel someone's order and eat their food if the customer misses a phone call.

However, The Takeout points out that UberEats takes note if a driver has consistently canceled orders — and that, naturally, it can be difficult to verify complaints about food deliveries made on social media. In the case of Jordan's DoorDash order, though, a spokesperson told Daily Dot that the Dasher involved was deactivated from the service.