Fans Demanded The Return Of Mountain Dew Pitch Black And Now It's Back

Mountain Dew keeps fans always wanting more with the release of new flavors. While the original Mountain Dew flavor is a classic for a reason, some fans feel the new and limited edition flavors give the original soda a run for its money. According to Thrillist, Mountain Dew added its signature lime green color and orange flavor to the soda in 1974, making it a hit among soda drinkers. It wasn't until 2001 that the Dew began releasing new flavors. The first new flavor was the bright red cherry flavor, dubbed Code Red. The company's next big hit was a collaboration with every night owl's favorite fast-food restaurant, Taco Bell. The bright blue-green drink — aka Baja Blast — quickly developed a cult following, with several cocktail recipes highlighting the soda (per Tipsy Bartender).

Even though Mountain Dew keeps adding to its new flavors list, it has a habit of taking away very popular flavors. Unfortunately, multiple Mountain Dew flavors have been discontinued or replaced by new and improved versions. The soda brand also releases limited edition drinks that are only available at certain stores, like Apple Thrashed, which is only sold at Kroger. And as this newly returning flavor proves, Mountain Dew might just bring back popular varieties if you're lucky, even if only for a limited time.

Fans made their voices heard

One Mountain Dew flavor that was gone before its time is MTN Dew Pitch Black. Mountain Dew Pitch Black seemingly disappeared off shelves around 2018, though it was never officially discontinued (per Reddit). Mountain Dew Fandom reported that the original Pitch Black flavor was infused with black grape, while the newer flavor had notes of citrus and dark fruit. One year ago, fans took to social media and started a petition to beg for the flavor to return. Much to their delight, Food & Wine reports that Pitch Black will make its triumphant return in 2023.

Mountain Dew took to Twitter and Instagram to share the big news that Pitch Black will indeed return. @MountainDew's Instagram account shared a video highlighting fans' desperate pleas for the return of Pitch Black. Fans were quick to share their excitement, writing, "Best news since sliced bread tbh" and "Omg thank you gods of mtn dew." One user asked if the soda was permanent or limited edition, to which Mountain Dew replied that it will be a limited-time release. Food & Wine shared that the cans and bottles will be available for purchase in January. Along with the regular Pitch Black, Mountain Dew will bring back the zero-sugar version and an energy drink version.