Every Pasta Roni Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

Not everyone has the time to whip up a fancy meal every night after getting home from work. The exhaustion of the day means that much of the time, we resort to eating meals that are quick, and unfortunately, often lacking any real nutrition. Knowing that an easy and delicious meal is waiting for you after a long day is a great feeling. That's exactly where Pasta Roni comes into play to alleviate the daunting stress of cooking in a fast, affordable, and tasty way.

If you're thinking that the name Pasta Roni sounds somewhat familiar, it might be because its sister brand Rice-A-Roni is already popular on supermarket shelves. Pasta Roni has 13 different flavors to choose from, which means you get a pretty solid variety. But, there are definitely some that are worth a spot in your pantry and others that should take a hike. If Pasta Roni is on your grocery list, make sure you don't end up with something that'll see the bottom of your garbage can faster than the bottom of your stomach.

13. Garlic & olive oil vermicelli

If upon asking the name of the type of pasta in your meal you were told it was known as little worms, you'd likely push the plate aside and ask for something else. Well, that's exactly what vermicelli translates to, according to Greatist, given the pasta's slender worm-like appearance. Even though the thought of wriggly underground dwellers certainly doesn't kick your appetite into high gear, vermicelli noodles can be great if you make them with the right ingredients. Sadly, Pasta Roni's garlic & olive oil vermicelli does not do them justice.

The noodles themselves are similar to spaghetti, so if you enjoy the texture of long thin strands then you'll be pleased with these. But it's the garlic and olive oil flavoring that steers this option down the wrong path. There's a massive wallop of garlic but it comes without the smooth nuttiness of olive oil, which renders the flavor pretty overwhelming.

12. Chicken

Looks like pasta but tastes like chicken. That could probably be the slogan for Pasta Roni's chicken flavor. The box comes with thick fettuccine noodles in a creamy chicken-flavored sauce. Don't be fooled by the picture of the chicken on the box — there's no actual chicken included. Of course, you can add real chicken to the pasta to further enhance the poultry taste, but we think you're better off avoiding this item altogether.

The main problem is with the chicken-flavored sauce. There is a hint of chicken if you really focus on the flavors that run over your palate, but most of the taste comes from what feels like a boatload of sodium pumped into the thick sauce. No one needs excess salt in their diet, but unfortunately, that's where most of the sauce's flavor comes from. Do your nutritional needs a favor and head in a different direction.

11. Olive oil & Italian herb

Sometimes a meal calls for a few delicious basic ingredients as opposed to a super intricate recipe. Sure, having a plethora of flavor profiles on one plate can taste awesome, so long as they all go together. But a simple dish can prove just as fulfilling if the ingredients are combined correctly. Olive oil and Italian herbs are certainly two very basic ingredients, but the olive oil and Italian herb Pasta Roni product doesn't do either component justice.

The box consists of linguine pasta and a packet of olive oil and herb flavoring to mix in once the pasta is done boiling. Unfortunately, the taste leaves much to be desired. A classic Italian seasoning recipe tends to include oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, and parsley, but the ingredient list says otherwise. Onions, garlic, parsley, red peppers, soy sauce, and Parmesan seem to be the main flavoring agents. You do get hit with a taste of olive oil, which is okay, but when those Italian herbs are supposed to swoop in and complement it, they fail.

10. Angel hair pasta with herbs

Pasta preference is obviously subjective. People won't have the exact same taste in size, shape, and texture when it comes to starchy noodles. But, one thing that's hard to argue against is the fact that angel hair noodles are definitely more delicate than most other styles, and that affects the mouthfeel too. The angel hair pasta with herbs by Pasta Roni has an enjoyable consistency, but the herbs could do a bit better pulling their weight.

As one reviewer wrote, this option was, "Not the worst, good." We would agree with that opinion, as it's not the worst option you could choose. However, you'll definitely wish the herb factor was more prominent as you swallow every boring bite. There's definitely a creamy component to the sauce which makes for a mouth-coating feel, but the flavor of the dense sauce is mostly bland instead of herby like the box advertises. Be sure to have your own herb selection on hand to add to this one.

9. Chicken & broccoli

When you sit down for a pasta meal, it's never a bad idea to add some greens and protein to your dish so you can have a full trifecta of food groups and flavors. The temptation to snag a box of chicken & broccoli Pasta Roni might come on strong, seeing as you get both of those flavors along with the linguine pasta that's included. However, it's best to avert your attention elsewhere when it comes to this option.

Obviously, there isn't any real chicken or broccoli in the box. The pasta comes with a chicken and broccoli-flavored sauce, and that sauce is the problem here. The flavor of the broccoli barely pokes its head through the incredibly salty kick of chicken. The broccoli taste helps to neutralize some of the saltiness, which is good, but overall this combination doesn't work well. As one customer put it, "It just didn't taste good." We know what they mean.

8. Butter & garlic

When you don't have any pasta sauce to douse your noodles in, don't fret. So long as you have butter and garlic handy, you can give your pasta a simple and flavorful coating that works wonders when you're in a pinch. Pasta Roni caught on to this delicious duo and offers a butter & garlic option for those who are craving pasta but want to stay away from intricately flavored sauces. The result? It's not the best garlic and butter sauce ever, but it does its job.

The butter and garlic sauce that comes with the angel hair pasta is nicely balanced, so you don't get an overwhelming punch of garlic or a greasy sensation from the butter. Fans of delicate pasta will enjoy the fact that it's angel hair and not something heartier like fettuccine. Listen, the flavors here are butter and garlic, so you can't expect your socks to be knocked off by anything new. But if butter and garlic are what you're in the mood for, then this box is worth your money.

7. White cheddar & broccoli

There are a lot of vegetables that pair really well with cheese, and broccoli certainly falls into that category. So, it's only natural that Pasta Roni offers a white cheddar & broccoli flavor for customers who want the taste of broccoli as well as creamy cheese. Overall, this is a decent option for people who really enjoy white cheddar cheese.

Now, if it's the broccoli flavor that attracted you to this product, you might feel slightly disappointed. The veggie doesn't really pack a powerful punch, so you might want to add in extra broccoli to double down. The white cheddar is the star of the show here, and that's a good quality for cheese lovers. The flavor is strong and the creamy cheese nestles inside the hollow of the rigatoni pasta, so you get a hefty amount in every bite. This is a pretty solid option for white cheddar enthusiasts.

6. Butter & herb Italiano

It's no secret that regularly consuming a lot of butter isn't great for you, but that doesn't mean the flavor isn't totally awesome. Butter gives most foods an additional layer of rich fatty goodness that coats your mouth and kicks those salivary glands into high gear. And, if you're looking for a Pasta Roni option that has a pleasant butter flavor as well as a hefty surge of herbs, look no further than the butter & herb Italiano option.

The pasta that comes in the box is rigatoni, which makes for a nice tubular shape to trap the sauce. The herb butter-flavored sauce is on the rich side, which is nice when you want something hearty to fill you up. Meanwhile, the taste of Italian herbs does a great job of standing out among the butter flavor. You won't even feel like you're consuming a bunch of butter. One satisfied customer raved, "So delicious! I could honestly just eat this by itself, probably even the entire box."

5. Shells & white cheddar

Pasta shells paired with a creamy cheese sauce capture and hold onto sauce as no other pasta shape does. Sure, penne and rigatoni allow for sauce to mingle inside the hollow tubes, but shells soak it up and refuse to let it out, making every bite an eruption of cheesy greatness. This is the experience when you purchase a box of shells & white cheddar from Pasta Roni, making this product well worth your time.

As one customer wrote, "This is my kids' new favorite. My kids' like this more than my homemade pasta now." That statement should speak volumes as to the quality of this Pasta Roni option. The white cheddar sauce is super thick, and it really hits your palate with serious flavor. With the shelled pasta clinging onto the creamy cheese, every spoonful is loaded up with starchy volcanoes exploding with rich cheesy goodness.

4. Parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese reigns supreme for a whole lot of people and it pairs well with just about every type of pasta, as well as veggie side dishes and salads. It has a wonderful tanginess to it that keeps your cheese grater working overtime. So, it only makes sense that the Parmesan cheese option from Pasta Roni has that same great flavor that keeps people riding the Parm train all their life, right?

Indeed, the angel hair pasta that comes with this option tastes amazing with the rich coating of Parmesan. The pasta is super thin and pleasant to eat, but it's the cheese sauce that shines here. The Parmesan flavor is prominent but never overwhelming. It's just the right amount of nutty saltiness and proves why Parmesan is such a popular cheese. As one satisfied customer put it, "Literally their best flavor ever. Super tasty and easy to prepare."

3. Jalapeño cheddar

If you're the kind of person who enjoys a kick of heat in your meals, then you're likely looking to add some spice whenever you get the chance. Your tongue just needs that extra wake-up to infuse a depth of flavor that can really enhance a dish tenfold. Pasta Roni offers customers a jalapeño cheddar option for those who crave a hearty blast of cheese along with some heat, and it does a great job of supplying both.

The cheddar sauce is rich and thick, packing a cheesy punch. The jalapeño flavoring is certainly prevalent, but it doesn't take anything away from the cheddar. It's also not so spicy that you'll be left gasping. The subtle kick from the jalapeño peppers is noticeable on the palate but enjoyably so. One customer wrote, "It's got the perfect blend of heat and spice." That's exactly what makes this an awesome option.

2. Four cheese corkscrew pasta

If you're someone who loves all things cheese, then chances are you're always happy to add more cheese to dishes. This is exactly why anyone who craves a plethora of cheesy flavors on a regular basis should definitely dig into the four cheese corkscrew Pasta Roni flavor. You get four types of cheese joining forces and walloping your palate with intense flavors, and it tastes so darn good. 

The cheese sauce that comes with the corkscrew pasta is a combination of cheddar, Parmesan, Monterey Jack, and Romano. The four horsemen of the most delicious apocalypse known to humans gallop alongside each other and complement every flavor profile with ease and perfection. This option is made infinitely better thanks to the corkscrew-shaped pasta. Every little ridge snags the cheese sauce and inundates your mouth with flavor. Don't miss out on the opportunity to quadruple down on your cheese game. This is macaroni and cheese on steroids.

1. Fettuccine Alfredo

Ah, the almighty fettuccine Alfredo. While it certainly isn't the most intricate or luxurious pasta dish in the world, it certainly is one of the most well-known. Anyone who's enjoyed a bowl of the stuff knows it's not for the faint of heart. This is a heavy dish that'll fill you up quickly and may require a nap afterward. But, that's also what makes this Pasta Roni option a perfect choice when you're looking for something so tasty you'll have to sleep it off once you're finished.

The Parmesan cream sauce that comes with the fettuccine has an amazing blast of cheesiness. Plus, it sticks to every millimeter of pasta, ensuring every bite is full of zesty flavor. The thick pasta noodles are perfect as a starchy vessel for the rich sauce, and even though this is a filling option, you'll find it hard to stop eating because it tastes so great. 

If you're afraid that boxed fettuccine Alfredo won't live up to a restaurant dish, one customer put that fear to rest. They wrote, "Okay this stuff is amazing. I hate that I love it so much. How can boxed fettuccine taste this good?? I don't know but it does. Do not buy any other boxed fettuccine except this one. You will not be disappointed. You might be like me and end up eating the whole box yourself!" This high praise speaks for itself.