2 Essential Tools Every Kitchen Needs, According To Duff Goldman - Exclusive

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Duff Goldman is known for his masterful baked creations. The "Ace of Cakes" and "Holiday Baking Championship" star has created everything, from people to a motorcycle, made out of cake. Now Goldman is turning his attention to instruction, specifically teaching children how to bake. 

Goldman has published two children's cookbooks, the second of which is the recently released "Super Good Cookies for Kids." Goldman fills his books with more than just recipes. They include topics such as the science of baking and skills and safety tips for aspiring bakers. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Goldman stated the thing he wants most for kids to get from this is a sense of accomplishment. 

"I love to share with people a sense of accomplishment. I like putting people in positions where when they're done doing whatever it was that they were doing, they feel good about themselves and they're like, 'Look at this amazing thing I made.'" To achieve cookie greatness, Goldman told us the tool every kitchen needs.

2 important items

For Duff Goldman, there are two crucial objects you must have in the kitchen. The first is to make sure you have a rolling pin, but not just any rolling pin. Goldman says you want "a good rolling pin, a nice rolling pin. Mine doesn't have handles. It's straight, but it doesn't taper. The tapering one, I don't know what those are for. Those are stupid. I like a nice straight one — it's just a thick dowel. [With] the handles, your knuckles will drag into your dough."

The second object Goldman recommends is a digital scale. He explains that while you can measure ingredients in volumes using cups, weighing ingredients will yield better results. "All the recipes in my new book, they're in cups and tablespoons, but they're also in grams ... I also put them in grams because baking is so much easier when you weigh it out. It's much faster; it's much more accurate. It's better to weigh things." So now, before your next great baking adventure, you know to get a quality rolling pin and scale.

"Super Good Cookies for Kids" is available for purchase now.