Helena Nichols

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Pittsburgh, PA
Chatham University
Food & Drink, Vegetarian Cuisine, Desserts
  • Helena has a master's degree from Chatham University's Falk School of Sustainability with a focus in Food Writing.
  • She has previously written for TABLE magazine, presented at numerous Food Studies conferences, and currently writes a food history blog.
  • In addition to being an avid home baker and general lover of all things sweet, Helena spent time working as a baker during her graduate studies.


Helena is a food writer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her passions for food and story telling came together when she decided to get her master's degree in Food Studies from Chatham University. After working as a baker during graduate school, Helena decided that the late night hours required were not conducive to her sanity, and focused her studies on Food Writing. Since then, she has written for TABLE Magazine, been accepted to present at food studies conferences in the United States and abroad, and writes a food history blog Adventures in Taste and Time.


Helena holds a Master's Degree in Food Studies from Chatham University, a unique degree that blended hands on training in things such as chocolate production, sustainable practices, and history and cultural study of food. Helena's focus was in Food Writing.
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