Reddit Is Calling Taco Bell's Returning Enchirito The Saddest One To Ever Exist

In case you somehow missed it, Taco Bell recently brought back its enchirito. Unfortunately, this third installment of the enchirito saga has been met with mixed reviews. Many people claim the enchirito does not at all compare to the original, with only a few customers actually being satisfied with their order.

While the entire internet has been roasting the enchirito, Reddit is particularly upset. Countless posts share photos of disappointing enchiritos, whether they're rolled like a burrito (instead of like an enchilada), lacking cheese and red sauce, or flaunting a way smaller size than any of us remember. Needless to say, the situation has us all wondering if Taco Bell even trained its employees in making the enchirito, or if corporate just told them to improvise.

We're especially concerned about the enchirito after yet another disturbing Reddit post. Although all the components may be there — we honestly can't tell — this specimen is definitely not our beloved Taco Bell enchirito, no matter how you look at it.

Sorry, Taco Bell, but did you even try with this enchirito?

OK, prepare yourselves. The following enchirito description is not for those with weak stomachs. One Reddit user recently shared what has to be "the saddest enchirito to exist," but between us, calling it an enchirito is generous.

So what exactly did this person receive upon ordering an enchirito at Taco Bell? To us, it looks like someone dumped some chunky soup into a flour tortilla and threw the whole mess into a takeout container. However, Redditors were a bit more honest, describing it as "diarito" and "enchirrhea." Another person commented, "That looks like a diaper," to which the OP responded honestly, "I still ate it, but like a taco."

Other Reddit users were more positive, with one saying, "It's the new tortilla soup, you know, soup served in a tortilla!" Someone else wrote, "Oh, nice, you got the limited edition enchirito soup." Guys, if you want tortilla soup, maybe just make your own. As for Taco Bell: Maybe check in on your employees and see if they know what an enchirito even is. While one worker commented on the thread saying, "We literally have step by step instructions with pictures," another Redditor said corporate might need to send in some instructional videos.