The Largest Serving Of Guacamole Just Set A New World Record

If you love guacamole, you are not alone. Not only is guacamole delicious, but it also has a unique ability to bring people together. Whether you are watching the World Cup or just enjoying a night out with friends, guacamole is a crowd-pleaser.

Even the act of making fresh guacamole brings people together. In 2017, over 815 people teamed up in Mexico to prepare a bowl of guacamole weighing over 6,569 pounds, setting the Guinness World Record for the largest serving of guacamole. They used 25,200 avocados, 3,500 tomatoes, 3,000 lemons, 750 onions, and 90 bundles of cilantro. This record-setting event was held to promote Mexican-grown avocados. Humans have cultivated avocados in the country for more than 10,000 years, according to the Avocado Institute of Mexico. The country's avocado growers supply around 30% of the world's consumption, per the USDA.

Guacamole is always a gameday classic, so in 2019, the New York Jets partnered with Avocados from Peru to serve a bowl of guacamole weighing over 9,000 pounds during that year's season opener, setting the new world record and making fans happy with free guac. However, since people are always up for record-breaking guacamole, yet another group recently gathered to challenge the record, and this time the numbers are truly eye-popping.

I think we need more chips

The Mexican avocado industry isn't one to be outdone. During Peribán's inaugural Avocado Expo this year, another group of people gathered to set a new world record on Sunday, November 20.

What can be better than 9,000 pounds of guacamole? Mexico News Daily reports that a team of over 300 people helped smash avocados into 10,957 pounds of guacamole. Their attendee-approved recipe used Peribán-grown avocados, onions, serrano peppers, tomatoes, lime, and cilantro. Guinness Book of World Records was unable to attend, but its adjudicators tuned in via livestream to certify the results, which appear to have taken several hours to achieve.

Since guacamole is best served fresh, the lucky audience members and participants each enjoyed their share, scooping large green buckets into the vat of dip. That sounds like our kind of party — we just hope somebody remembered to bring the chips and crudites! If you are interested in creating your own batch of fresh guacamole for your next party or game day, albeit not a record-breaking one, try our unique recipe.