Costco Bakery Fans Are Raving About Its Cran Orange Bisconie

When you think of Costco, buying in bulk — whether it be toilet paper, granola bars, or batteries — might be the first thing that comes to mind, so you might not think of it as the place to go for freshly baked goods and pastries. But the Costco bakery is surprisingly good, according to shoppers. People are so into it there are entire articles dedicated to ranking all of the best treats you can buy at Costco's bakery, from cookies and brownies to cakes and pies.

There are the free cookies for kids (yes, really), the massive pumpkin pies that Costco sells millions of every single year around the holidays, and the cheesecake that people dubbed the best thing at the Costco bakery. Now you can add another must-try Costco bakery item to your list: Costco Kirkland Signature Mini Cranberry Orange Bisconie. Recently spotted on Instagram, the fruity baked treats are back, and shoppers are very excited about it.

People are obsessed with the baked good

Costco fan account @costcohotfinds shared a video clip of the Kirkland Signature Mini Cranberry Orange Bisconie found at their local store. "These are so good!!! Soft with a slight crunch from the sugar topping," the original poster exclaimed, adding that they like to warm them up in the microwave. Other shoppers quickly chimed in, with many commenting that the mini pastries are their favorite and that it takes a lot of willpower to not eat the entire package in one sitting. The balconies come in a pack of 12, for reference.

In case you were wondering exactly what a bisconie is, the blogger at Costcuisine explains that it's a cross between a biscotti and a scone (but to her, these taste more like a "cookie muffin"). "The texture is soft and airy on the inside, a bit crunchy and golden brown on the outside," she wrote. "The cranberry and orange flavor is sweet and slighty tart and overall really delicious." In a Reddit thread, many people shared a similar positive opinion. "Those things are straight CRACK!" one person commented, while another added, "They're really, really good. Flavor is great and the texture is so satisfying."