Krispy Kreme's 2022 Cyber Monday Deal You Won't Want To Miss

In 2005, National Retail Foundation's Ellen Davis declared the Monday following Thanksgiving Cyber Monday (per Reader's Digest). The trend began when as many as 77% of businesses saw an increase in sales on this particular day, likely due to consumers shopping for Christmas gifts while at work. In 2020 alone, $9 billion was spent on Cyber Monday in America.

To celebrate the day, many restaurants are offering limited-time deals. Applebee's, for example, is rewarding those who spend $50 on gift cards with two $10 bonus cards. The Cheesecake Factory is doing something similar, giving out a $15 online gift card to everybody who also spends $50 on a gift card through its website. Though these deals are a nice way to gift family members while also treating yourself, Krispy Kreme is doing things a little differently. This Cyber Monday, the donut eatery wants to reward paying customers with extra product (per Instagram).

You could score a dozen donuts for $2

Today only, Krispy Kreme will be selling a dozen donuts for only $2 to those who purchase one dozen themselves (via Instagram). In a post, the brand wrote "Sweeten your #CyberMonday shopping with a $2 Original Glazed dozen when you buy any dozen to share with your crew. TODAY, 11/28 ONLINE only for pickup/delivery!" The post then explained how to score this delicious deal. "Order now at the link in our bio with promo code CYBERMONDAY," it wrote. This offer is only available at US restaurants that choose to participate.

The decision to offer glazed donuts over any other variety may stem from the brand's beginnings. According to Insider, glazed donuts were offered as soon as the first Krispy Kreme shops were opened in 1937. Per Restaurant Clicks, glazed donuts are still the most popular in America, as 36% of those surveyed named them as their top choice when ordering the sweet treats. That begs the question, though, why are Krispy Kreme donuts so delicious?