See's Candies Advent Calendar Might Not Arrive For The Holiday Season

The tradition of Advent didn't begin with a calendar; instead, the days were often counted down by using chalk or lighting candles (per Doing History in Public). The idea originated in Germany in the early 19th century as a way for Protestants to prepare for Christmas, and the first actual wooden Advent calendar came into play in 1851. Like many concepts, the Advent calendar became widespread, with 57% of Americans engaging in some form of Advent, whether it be self-made, store bought, online, or gifted to a friend (via Statista).

See's Candies, which opened its first shop more than 100 years ago in Los Angeles, California, produces tons of candy-themed Christmas presents to impress all the taste buds on your shopping list (via its website). Last year, the brand released a $45 Advent calendar with 24 candies that helped sweeten up the countdown to Christmas (per Fire Wire). According to The Takeout, the candy company attempted a return of the Advent calendar this year, but unfortunately, fans of See's Candies might not see their candy after all.

The calendars have been oversold

Those who ordered an Advent calendar from See's Candies might want to stop holding their breath. This week, a staff member from The Takeout received a package from the company intended to hold two boxes of candies and said calendar. Upon opening it, they realized the calendar was absent, prompting them to reach out to See's customer service. They learned from a representative that, apparently, the brand had oversold its calendars and is currently reaching out to several customers to refund their $45 purchase, according to The Takeout. This news left the customer confused, as a shipping notification for the calendar was already provided.

If you're one of the unlucky chocolate lovers who have received the bad news, there's still a chance to turn to other candy brands for your Christmas countdown. According to its website, Lindt has five Advent calendars currently on sale; its editions include Wintercountry, Holiday Season, Teddy Sleigh, Holiday Magic, and Holiday Teddy Bear. And if you absolutely insist on See's Candies, you can always buy an individual box and pop one every day of December.