Culver's Just Dropped A Frozen Cocoa Concrete Mixer For A Limited Time

Do you know how to build a proper Culver's concrete mixer? Ordering these thick milkshakes full of mix-ins is a three-step process involving many choices, the first of which are your size and flavor: chocolate or vanilla Culver's custard. Next, you'll narrow down your toppings to two out of 34. Options include branded candies and sweets (from Oreos to Reese's to Andes chocolate mints), "ooey gooey" drizzles like marshmallow crème and hot fudge, "chunky" picks including brownie bites and cheesecake pieces, fruit, or nuts. Finally, the whole thing is blended together to create a seamless mixture of essentially your own custom-flavor drinkable frozen custard.

If making decisions on the spot isn't your strong suit, you can always choose from Culvers' menu of "favorite" concrete mixers, taking the guesswork out of dilemmas like, "Will peaches and Butterfingers taste good together?" These set combinations include vanilla with toffee, salted caramel with cookie dough, and, now, a special new flavor to celebrate the chilly season: frozen cocoa.

This concrete mixer will stick around until mid-February

What you may not know about Culver's is that the chain's frozen custard is made in small batches throughout the day, so you're always getting a fresh scoop — even if that scoop is going into a glass or to-go cup, as is the case if you ask for a concrete mixer. A lot of customers compare the menu item to a Dairy Queen Blizzard, though some Redditors say "DQ's soft-serve doesn't even compare to Culver's frozen custard," as Culver's custard contains more milk fat and less air than competitors' recipes.

It remains to be seen how fans will feel about Culvers' new holiday concrete mixer compared to Dairy Queen's just-released sugar cookie and candy cane Blizzards. Culver's just announced its new frozen cocoa concrete mixer on Facebook, and the few people who have already tried it called it "delicious" and "SO good." Per the chain's website, the limited-edition mixer is made with vanilla custard, real cocoa, and whipped cream. The new icy treat will only be available while you can expect snow on the ground; you can find it in participating stores until February 12, 2023, or while supplies last, Chew Boom reports.