The Absolute Best Pancakes In Every State

Nothing says breakfast comfort food like a towering, syrup-drenched stack of delicious pancakes. Although you can make your tall or short stacks at home with any inventive pancake toppings you want or even try some wackily delicious TikTok trends like pancake spaghetti on for size, there's something about diner pancakes prepared fresh and ready to order that hits all the right nostalgia notes.

Fortunately, pancake fans don't have to go too far to find tasty hotcakes. Every state in the country has at least one phenomenal pancake joint that will satisfy your sweet tooth and take you straight back to those hazy, carefree breakfasts of your childhood. Some of them are so good that you might want to cross state lines and take a mini foodie destination trip just to get your hands on a stack. From the traditional to the outrageous, these are the best pancakes in all 50 states.

Alabama: Edgar's Bakery

Stop by any of Edgar's Bakery's many locations and you'll find yourself in for a real treat. In addition to comfort-food fare like BLTs, and fresh soup (via Bake Magazine), Edgar's Bakery offers fabulous whimsical bread pudding pancakes. According to the Shelby County Reporter, the bakery and cafe is a labor of love, started by a married couple who fled the nine-to-five grind in search of sweeter pursuits.

Tripadvisor reviewers rave about the pancakes and piping hot coffee.

Alaska: Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant

In the far reaches of Anchorage, Alaska, Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant serves up tasty breakfasts all day, which is good news for non-early birds and people who want to get their pancake fix in the afternoons or evenings (via Fodor's). According to AK Missions, this down-to-earth restaurant has mammoth pancakes and local faves like reindeer sausage.

Tripadvisor reviewers laud Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant for its rapid service and sumptuous sourdough pancakes, making this joint one you'll be happy to brave an Alaskan winter to visit.

Arizona: Millie's Pancake Haus

When a restaurant's name has "pancake haus" in it, it's no surprise that you'll find great stacks inside, but Millie's Pancake Haus in Tucson takes things to the next level with recipes that are four decades old (via KGUN 9 Tucson).

Although the restaurant has changed hands since its namesake, Mildred Novack, first started it, the buttermilk, potato pancakes, and from-scratch syrup remain just as they were when the restaurant opened its doors. If you visit, check out Millie's international pancake options, including French, Russian, Swedish, and German options.

Arkansas: The Pancake Shop

The Pancake Shop in Hot Springs nails the art of the perfect pancake thanks to homemade ingredients, light-as-air butter, and real maple syrup. It's a humble and utterly welcoming spot that Tripadvisor reviewers warn tends to get pretty busy, but it's all completely worth it. The pancakes are colossal, easily reaching the edges of the plate (via Tripadvisor).

Each one comes with a generous serving of whipped butter and plenty of maple syrup that you can slather on to your heart's content.

California: Paula's Pancake House

Visit Solvang, California, and you'll have the golden opportunity to check out Paula's Pancake House, an often jam-packed hotspot specializing in Danish pancakes. These are thin, crêpe-like affairs loaded with toppings and cream. According to SFGate, these pancakes are so airy that they quite literally melt in your mouth.

Tripadvisor reviews tend to agree, with reviewers citing the pancakes as delicious and part of a perfect morning meal. Others were impressed by the delicate nature of the cakes, sizable portions, and excellent service.

Colorado: Snooze

Snooze, with several locations across a handful of states, was born and bred in Denver, Colorado, and still has an excellent following. According to The Denver Post, this city staple opened its doors back in 2006, featuring flights of pancakes and other brunch staples.

The pancake flights took off — pun intended — since they allow you to sample several different flavors of pancakes simultaneously. Those craving a singular stack can also go for blueberry danish or pineapple upside-down pancakes.

Connecticut: Lakeside Diner

Lakeside Diner is what Tripadvisor reviewers refer to as old school; a sweet oasis with an idyllic view that's been an essential part of the community for the better part of a century. You'll find all manner of pancakes on the menu, including red, white, and blue cakes crowned with plenty of freshly chopped fruit (via Patch).

With a family vibe, excellent pancakes, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, this Stamford institution is one of Connecticut's finest and the best place to go for pancakes in the state.

Delaware: Drip Café

Drip Café has two locations in Newark and Hockessin. As the name suggests, you can get excellent, robust cups of coffee there, but you should also arrive hungry. According to Only in Your State, the caramel apple pancakes are uniquely tasty.

Plus, visitors can expect hefty portions. According to Tripadvisor, the pancakes are massive, and you'll get them almost as quickly as you get your cup of coffee. Although the caramel apple pancakes are exceptional, Drip Cafe offers more standard varieties as well.

Florida: The Pancakery

The Pancakery, with locations in Destin and Panama City Beach, serves food all day, although wise patrons know that breakfast is really where it's at (via Florida Panhandle). Like many of the great diners of the world, expect a relaxing, no-frills atmosphere with plenty of unique spins on your favorite plate of cakes, including a bananas Foster variety and whole-wheat pancakes for those who want a healthier option.

Tripadvisor reviewers love the real butter that comes with the cakes, and the sides are exceptional too.

Georgia: West Egg Café

West Egg Café might just be worth making the trip to the Peach State for. Famous for its Southern cuisine, like fried green tomatoes and grits (via Road Food), this Atlanta favorite also features some of the most innovative breakfasts in the state, including a savory spin on pancakes. The sour cream pancakes are robust and hearty, coated in spicy butter and maple syrup.

The juxtaposition between the savory and sweet is a hit, prompting Tripadvisor reviewers to exclaim in all caps that the pancakes are "soooo good!"

Hawaii: Cream Pot

Cream Pot in Honolulu offers heavenly feather-light soufflé pancakes dusted in delicate powdered sugar and paired with fresh fruits, vanilla custard, and whipped cream. According to Honolulu Magazine, owner Nathan Tran claims this style of pancake, now big in Japan, Korea, and China, started with him, and it's more than enough to solidify Cream Pot's reputation for making the best pancakes in Hawaii.

They might even be the best pancakes in the country if you listen to what Tripadvisor says about them. One reviewer called Cream Pot's cakes the "best I've ever had."

Idaho: Smitty's Pancake and Steak House

Stop by Smitty's Pancake & Steak House in Idaho Falls for what Tripadvisor reviewers call the "best potato pancakes." Yelp reviews note that it is the place to share a giant German pancake with a friend. Although the potato and German pancakes certainly keep customers coming back, what put Smitty's Pancake and Steak House on the map is the sourdough pancakes.

According to Only in Your State, Smitty's Pancake and Steak House hasn't changed its sourdough pancake recipe in 100 years. So if you're a pancake purist, you'll want to eat there.

Illinois: Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe

Visit Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe in Chicago, Illinois, for a plethora of perfect pancakes, each with different sides, garnishes, and sauces. Endorsed my many reviews on Tripadvisor, Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe offers a dessert-adjacent spin on breakfast, and many of the top pancakes are totally kid-friendly (via Yelp). Decadent options like banana coconut cream pie pancakes will be sure to elevate your breakfast experience.

Plus, according to Yelp reviewers, the service is outstanding, and there's enough variety on the menu to please everyone in your party.

Indiana: Milktooth

Indianapolis, Indiana's Milktooth has a warm, bright ambiance and some amazing Dutch baby pancakes. According to Fox 59, this garage-turned-restaurant specializes in fruit-crowned Dutch baby pancakes with seasonal ingredients.

One of Milktooth's more exciting aspects is that you can get your Dutch baby pancake either savory or sweet, putting it a cut above in a state known for its breakfast excellence (via Original Newsbreak). If you consider yourself a pancake aficionado or simply want to try something different, head to Milktooth.

Iowa: Morg's Diner

Morg's Diner in Iowa is the destination for huge pancakes with a generous smear of butter right on top. According to KCRG, this Iowan legend has been on Mulberry Street for over half a century, and it certainly attracts its fair share of patrons who crowd outside waiting for a table.

Morg's is so popular because of its famously good breakfasts, including king-sized pancakes (via Only in Your State). These mammoth cakes could actually constitute a meal for two, although you might want to keep all the pancakey goodness for yourself.

Kansas: Urban Egg

Urban Egg in Overland Park, Kansas, gets rave reviews on Tripadvisor for its amazing breakfast offerings. Between the pancake sampler platter and the innovative spins on traditional cakes, Urban Egg takes pancake excellence to a new level, and you'll get speedy, friendly service to boot.

According to a Yelp reviewer, Fred's Hawaiian Pancakes are an excellent choice, but picking a bad egg on the menu would be tough. If you can't make it to Kansas, there are a few Urban Eggs in Colorado as well.

Kentucky: Wild Eggs

Wild Eggs, with a few locations throughout Kentucky, is a destination breakfast spot for people looking for some incredible flapjacks (via Tripadvisor). Wild Eggs utterly and completely nails breakfast, from the from-scratch pancake batter to the excellent service (via Tripadvisor).

While the buttermilk pancakes are exceptional all on their own, they're even better as Strawberry Tall Cakes with sweet fruity compote and whipped cream. For an extra fee, you can also fancy up your cakes with chocolate chips, nuts, or bacon.

Louisiana: Ruby Slipper Cafe

The whimsically-named Ruby Slipper emerged after Hurricane Katrina and quickly established itself as one of the best brunch spots in New Orleans (via According to Tripadvisor, the breakfasts are substantial, the staff is incredible, and you must try the pecan bacon pancakes. Other standout pancake stars include the cinnamon swirl cakes and the white chocolate bread pudding pancakes.

If you want to stick closer to more traditional fare, the buttermilk pancakes at Ruby Slipper are absolutely scrumptious too.

Maine: Miss Portland Diner

You'll find Maine's best blueberry pancakes at Miss Portland Diner in Portland. Housed in a historic diner car, Miss Portland Diner serves up absolutely gargantuan breakfasts, including huge servings of tasty pancakes (via Only in Your State).

Not only are the pancakes colossal, but they're also mouthwatering as well. Patrons sing the praises of the pancakes, and out-of-towners claim that Miss Portland Diner serves the best breakfast in Maine (via Restaurantji). For a delicious fusion of quality and quantity, check out Miss Portland Diner.

Maryland: Miss Shirley's Cafe

Miss Shirley's Cafe, which has a few locations in Maryland, serves up a variety of classic and specialty pancakes that keep Yelp reviewers looking forward to the next pancake of the month special. According to the Daily Hive, Miss Shirley's Cafe is the best way to get your day started, and its reputation for excellence has earned the Baltimore institution many awards over the years.

If the fan base and rave reviews are any indications, Miss Shirley's Cafe's sterling status is well deserved.

Massachusetts: Kristin's Breakfast & Lunch

According to Tripadvisor, the cornbread pancakes at Braintree's fave restaurant, Kristin's Breakfast & Lunch, are absolutely perfect. The Phantom Gourmet celebrates owner Kristin Son as a pancake master. She's known for her 25 different types of pancakes in a variety of wacky but wonderful flavors like German chocolate and butterscotch.

Kristin's whimsical pancakes aren't the only reason they're tops; These breakfast treats are enormous too, and you'll undoubtedly fill your belly and get your money's worth when you stop in.

Michigan: Sophia's House of Pancakes

Sophia's House of Pancakes has a considerable following in Michigan, with eight different locations to serve its hungry clientele (via Michigan Live). Breakfasts are a big deal at Sophia's House of Pancakes, with a particular focus on the blueberry pancakes.

Rise and shine by 6:30 a.m. to be first in line for these excellent pancakes (via Tripadvisor) paired with a steaming hot cup of coffee or some of Sophia's freshly squeezed orange juice.

Minnesota: Maria's Café

As CBS News notes, the corn pancakes at Maria's Café put the restaurant in a class of it own, especially when you opt to add in cotija cheese for the perfect pairing of sweet and salt. According to Maria's Café's website, you can order these corn pancakes all day or opt for a more traditional rendition of sweet pancakes instead.

Whether you're craving a savory or sweet treat for an all-day breakfast, Maria's Café in Minneapolis is the spot to go.

Mississippi: Big Bad Breakfast

Big Bad Breakfast franchises are predominantly in Mississippi, but there's also a location in Nashville. What these franchises have in common across state lines are their enormous and ironically named short stacks of beautiful fluffy pancakes deluged in toppings and fruit (via Tripadvisor).

Not only will you get more than generous portions for your buck, but according to Nashville Lifestyles, Big Bad Breakfast specializes in homemade meals and pancake stacks that rival your favorite dessert.

Missouri: The Bruncheonette

Visit Joplin, Missouri, to enjoy your morning meal at The Bruncheonette. According to Tripadvisor reviews, this diminutive diner offers some genuinely fantastic brunch and a kind, attentive wait staff. IHeart notes that it's really the pancakes that make The Bruncheonette super unique; big stacks heaped with tons of sliced fruits and drizzled in different toppings.

Stay classic or get inventive by piling pulled pork on your buttermilk stack, a signature sweet and meaty dish that's a hit at The Bruncheonette.

Montana: Toodie's Cafe

At Toodie's Cafe in Glasgow, Montana, it's not just the scratch-made pancakes that keep customers running back; it's the toppings. According to Only in Your State, Toodie's has a regular rotation of seasonal and classic pancake offerings, enough to make the restaurant a contender for our list.

The combination of homemade cakes and gooey, from-scratch jam is a decadent home run (via Restaurantji). Crowned with a dollop of whipped cream and some powdered sugar, they're a masterclass in breakfast.

Nebraska: Le Peep

Omaha's Le Peep keeps consumers delighted by offering pancake flavors that go beyond the standard choices. Perennial faves like banana, chocolate chip, and blueberry pancakes stay in the rotation, but you could find yourself faced with the delicious dilemma of choosing between a cinnamon roll- or a lemon ricotta-flavored pancake .

The portions are also sizable, and service is excellent at Le Peep, making it Omaha's top pancake joint and worth a stop if you're in Nebraska (via Tripadvisor).

Nevada: Mr. Mamas

Mr. Mamas in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a ginormous menu of comfort food goodies, but there's something sinful and special about the pancakes. According to Tripadvisor, these cakes are super airy and flavorful, and you can order a short stack or go whole hog with a full stack.

If you're feeling really adventurous and hungry, get the Mamas Stack and eat enough pancakes, meat, and eggs to fill you up for a whole day. Per Fox 5 Vegas, Mr. Mamas is one of the best places to take your mama for Mother's Day, even more so if she's a pancake lover.

New Hampshire: Polly's Pancake Parlor

In Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, Polly's Pancake Parlor is the ultimate spot to stop for old-school pancakes covered in pure, delicious maple syrup. Proving that sometimes excellent renditions of the classics are best, Polly's Pancake Parlor is a favorite with Tripadvisor reviewers who laud the incredible pancakes and stunning views.

According to New Hampshire Magazine, Polly's Pancake Parlor's blueberry and regular pancakes are unmatched, and they say that this New Hampshire icon is beloved by locals and tourists alike.

New Jersey: The Corner

Montclair's The Corner is a bright and unassuming little breakfast spot that just happens to serve up some stellar pancakes. According to, The Corner's cloudlike, balanced, dessert-adjacent stacks of cakes come with various fruits, specialty syrups, and the right amount of whipped cream and sugar.

These sweet treats keep The Corner's clientele coming back, and there can be a worth-it wait on the weekends (via Yelp) for the moistest, tastiest pancakes in all of New Jersey.

New Mexico: Plaza Café

According to Only in Your State, the Plaza Café's Blue Corn Piñon pancakes are uniquely delicious and doused in cinnamon-scented syrup and flavored butter. The combination of the textured, nutty cake and toppings make it a fun riff on an old favorite and put the Plaza Cafe on the map as a prime Santa Fe eatery.

Tripadvisor reviewers agree: The Blue Corn Piñon pancakes are superb and really take this humble coffee shop to new innovative gastronomical levels.

New York: Clinton St. Baking Company

According to Yelp reviewers, New York City's Clinton St. Baking Company is a consistently crowded, beloved bakery in the heart of the Lower East Side that serves some magical blueberry pancakes.

The Infatuation concurs, noting that the expertly executed pancakes at Clinton St. Baking Company are why there are lines out the door during the weekend. Although you might have to wait for a table, dining at Clinton St. Baking Company is an experience any pancake-loving New Yorker or visitor should have at least once.

North Carolina: Joey's Pancake House

Joey's Pancake House in Maggie Valley serves great seasonally-inspired pancakes, artfully decorated with toppings and powdered sugar. According to Tripadvisor reviewers, guests will not be disappointed with the pancakes, despite the occasional long waits for a table. Yelp lauds it as a hotspot with plenty of gluten-free options to choose from.

Whether you go for seasonal picks or traditional cakes, Joey's Pancake House is an undisputed winner in Maggie Valley with the best cakes in North Carolina.

North Dakota: Little Cottage Cafe

Little Cottage Cafe in Bismarck, North Dakota, doesn't shy away from the classics; it just does them exceptionally well. According to Only in Your State, this beloved Bismarck diner sticks to timeless recipes and continues to uphold the standards of excellence that put it on the map in South Dakota.

The pancakes are a true standout: substantial, homemade, and smothered in toppings. According to Tripadvisor, it's clear that breakfast is the star at Little Cottage Cafe.

Ohio: Katalina's

For nontraditional pancakes that will make you forget the flat variety, go to Katalina's in Columbus, Ohio, to sample The Original Pancake Balls. Instead of being coated in toppings, these balls are filled, giving you the perfect ratio of pancake to filling every time.

According to Yelp, the pancake balls with apple butter are incredibly awesome. If apple butter isn't for you, try the Nutella-filled ones instead. These bite-sized, beautiful morsels are the best pancakes in Ohio, hands down.

Oklahoma: syrup.

Pancake lovers have a new reason to visit Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: syrup. According to Tripadvisor, syrup. is the place to get pancakes in OKC, with lovely, moist pancakes drenched in steaming maple syrup. Add in some homemade sides, and you've arrived in true breakfast nirvana.

The Oklahoma Gazette confirms that syrup.'s sweet breakfast offerings live up to the hype, specifically the cinnamon roll and sweet potato pancakes. However, you'd have to really try hard to go wrong with anything on the menu.

Oregon: Grateful Bread Bakery Restuarant

Grateful Bread Bakery in Pacific City, Oregon, specializes in baked goods of all kinds, so it seems natural that it would have a knack for whipping up a fantastic batch of pancakes. According to Tripadvisor, the gingerbread and blueberry cakes are epic, especially when served with homemade compote.

Other reviewers called Grateful Bread Bakery reliably amazing and Travel Oregon says the West Coast bakery is legendary. Get thee there, pancake lovers.

Pennsylvania: The Hershey Pantry

Pennsylvania's Hershey Pantry, in the incredible chocolate-making town of Hershey, offers gigantic pancakes and sweet coffee concoctions that will make your morning. According to Foursquare reviewers, it's the ideal breakfast spot in the state and well worth waiting for.

Yelp reviewers love the homey, welcoming feeling you get the second you walk inside. If you want pancakes that are more like an enormous breakfast dessert in a cozy atmosphere and don't mind significant portions, you'll love the Hershey Pantry.

Rhode Island: Brickway on Wickenden

The best pancakes in the tiny state of Rhode Island are in Providence at Brickway on Wickenden. This small but welcoming little diner has excellent breakfasts, according to Yelp reviewers, and a lot of the options are gluten-free. According to Tripadvisor, the blueberry pancakes are spectacular and totally live up to the reputation.

Between the gluten-free pancake options and the fantastic, blueberry-loaded pancakes topped with a delicate sprinkle of powdered sugar, Brickway on Wickenden is the ideal spot for your perfect Rhode Island breakfast.

South Carolina: Harry's Breakfast Pancakes

Harry's Breakfast Pancakes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, specializes in pancakes, landing on Myrtle Beach's USA Today's Best 10 list. Between the hot, delicious pancakes and the homestyle, friendly feeling, it's hard to go wrong at this Southern restaurant. According to iHeart, Harry's Breakfast pancakes are the absolute best in the state, fully coated in a luxe layer of maple syrup and plenty of butter.

There are also specialty pancake varieties with cream, fruit, and different artisanal butters.

South Dakota: Tally's Silver Spoon

Head to Rapid City, South Dakota, for the best pancakes in the state at Tally's Silver Spoon. According to Tripadvisor, you won't find superior pancakes anywhere on the planet. The secret is a consistent recipe (via Tripadvisor).

According to Food Network, Tally's Silver Spoon has branched out recently, embracing more of a posh dining feel for its later meal services, but the breakfast remains the same; ever-delicious and keeping to Tally's Silver Spoon's diner roots.

Tennessee: The Pancake Pantry

The Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is a delightful little eatery that Tripadvisor reviewers refer to as a "banquet hall for pancakes." While you can expect a wait, service goes pretty quickly, and soon you'll find yourself in the heart of pancake heaven.

According to The Smokies, hungry customers can look forward to a serious stack of cakes, and it's both a joy and a challenge to polish off the plate. The from-scratch pancakes and fixings at The Pancake Pantry make this place special and keep the customers coming back for more.

Texas: Phil & Derek's

Phil & Derek's in Houston, Texas, serves some fab bananas Foster pancakes alongside boozy brunch cocktails and jazz music (via Paper City Magazine). Easily one of the best places to get brunch in the city, Phil and Derek's two claims to fame seem to be the top-tapping jazz music and creative pancakes served hot and fresh every weekday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (via Paper City Magazine).

For a lively brunch and the best stack of pancakes in the state, get over to Phil and Derek's.

Utah: Stacked

Stacked is Utah's premier pancake house. Located in Logan, Stacked specializes in (what else) stacks of pancakes, which are anything but a small portion. According to Tripadvisor, you'll have trouble finishing the pile, but it won't be from a lack of trying. These pancakes are that good.

Only in Your State applauds the bevy of creative creations at Stacked and the fact that hungry consumers can choose from savory or sweet variations. With homemade cakes and whimsical toppings, it's no wonder that Stacked makes Utah's finest pancakes.

Vermont: The Skinny Pancake

In Burlington, Vermont, the best pancakes also happen to be the thinnest. The Skinny Pancake serves wafer-thin delights packed with delectable ingredients that redefine breakfast in mouthwatering ways. According to Roaming Hunger, this street cart turned brick-and-mortar chain is one of the most popular joints in the state for pancakes, and its Johnny Crepe is a magnificent creation full of sweet maple-infused barbequed pork and cheese.

If savory isn't your style, you can also get sweet cakes at The Skinny Pancake, like the PBB & Bee (via Burlington Free Press).

Virginia: Pocahontas Pancake and Waffle House

Pocahontas Pancakes in Virginia Beach consistently draws in both locals and tourists with its fat stacks of premium pancakes and incredible service. According to Tripadvisor, the breakfast in general and pancakes specifically are to die for, and Only in Your State notes that there's no mystery as to why people flock to Pocahontas Pancakes for their first meal of the day.

If you're looking for solidly good, heavily garnished pancakes served with a smile, head to Pocahontas Pancakes in Virginia.

Washington: Maltby Cafe

According to King 5, breakfast reigns supreme at Maltby Cafe, and you can get the restaurant's signature Swedish pancakes any time. These classic cakes are thick and fluffy, crowned with generous dollops of butter, powdered sugar, and syrup.

Maltby Cafe is a Snohomish institution, and if you love your pancakes thick, hearty, and piled to the ceiling, you should certainly stop in for a plate. Just don't be surprised if you can't finish them in one go.

West Virginia: Poky Dot

If you're a pancake lover with a huge appetite, the Poky Dot He-Man Challenge in Fairmont, West Virginia is here to test your resolve. The Poky Dot is famous for its delicious, hearty pancakes and massive portions, and the He-Man Challenge is the eating contest to end all eating contests. You'll get four huge pancakes, eggs, biscuits, home fries, and several types of meat (via Only in Your State).

The sheer portion size of the He-Man challenge and other breakfast entrees, plus the premium pancake quality, put the Poky Dot on the top of our list.

Wisconsin: The Pancake Place

If you visit The Pancake Place in Green Bay, Wisconsin, bring your appetite. According to Tripadvisor reviewers, the portions are more than generous, with super friendly wait staff and utterly delectable food. Yelp reviewers compliment the tasty pecan-banana buttermilk pancakes and say that a trip to The Pancake Place is well worth the wait.

Between the innovative, customizable flavors and the colossal portions, The Pancake Place is undoubtedly a winner in any book and has the best pancakes in the whole state.

Wyoming: The Bunnery

The Bunnery in Jackson, Wyoming, serves seriously good rise-and-shine eats, and Tripadvisor reviewers proclaim that its pancakes are a must. The Bunnery's O.S.M. (oats, sunflower seeds, and millet) pancakes are tasty, robust, and perfectly prepared, served alongside maple syrup and toppings (via Yelp). You won't find gimmicks at The Bunnery; just excellent pancakes prepared right, with great service and attention to detail.

Pancake purists take note; the Bunnery is the best in Wyoming and a contender for finest in the region.