Why Pancake Spaghetti May Be TikTok's New Favorite Food Trend

Every month there are fun, new food trends exploding on TikTok, one of many reasons that the platform is in the top five of most popular social media sites, according to Search Engine Journal. The last time pancakes were trendy on TikTok was during the 2020 pandemic, and everyone was digging into bowls of pancake cereal. If you missed this one, it consists of coin-sized pancakes piled into a bowl and eaten just like cereal: With a splash of milk or syrup. Though not difficult, the teeny, tiny pancakes each need to be flipped during cooking which can make them a bit time consuming. But hat was okay during the pandemic lockdowns. After all, we all had plenty of time on our hands.

Now pancakes are back in the TikTok spotlight in a new form and this one is really going to take off: Get ready to try pancake spaghetti. TikTok user Briana Archuleta shared her husband's pancake hack that's fun to eat and best of all, quick to make. And don't worry, this isn't some weird recipe: You can twirl it on your fork like spaghetti, but there's no meat sauce or boiling water — just pancake batter.

The pancake hack inspired by a hectic morning and a package of spaghetti

TikTok's Briana Archuleta shared her husband's ingenious invention of pancake spaghetti, which he calls squiggle cakes, on TikTok. In her video, thin lines of pancake batter are piped onto a hot, buttered griddle where they quickly cook through. Tongs are then used to gather up the strands and place them in a bowl, topped with a drizzle of syrup and sprinkle of powdered sugar. 

In just a few days, the video has grabbed over a million likes and nearly 10,000 comments. Follower @disjointedjewels suggested adding "meatballs" made of maple sausage or fruit, while @dino_nugget_galaxy asks, "What in the 'Buddy The Elf' is going on here?"  Several followers tried to dismiss this pancake hack as a funnel cake, however, Archuleta points out, "You have to fry a funnel cake, these are made just like pancakes."

After the huge response, Archuleta posted a follow-up video. In it, her husband Steven Archuleta says, "I just wanted to thank everyone for the love on my squiggle cakes video," and then gives a step-by-step demo on making pancake spaghetti. His inspiration for the dish? Archuleta was rushing to make pancakes for his kids before school and while clearing items from the counter picked up a package of spaghetti. "And I was like, 'Wait a minute,'" he said.  

Archuleta tells viewers, "Now it's your turn. I wanna see what you guys do with it." Challenge accepted!