Hot Pockets Took The Name Literally With A New Heat-Preserving Shorts Pocket

If you need a quick hot meal that can be eaten anywhere, look no further than a Hot Pocket. Hot Pockets began creating portable meals in 1983 and has become an American cultural icon. Hot Pockets even helped launch the career of comedian Jim Gaffigan, when he included several jokes about the snack in his Beyond the Pale tour. Jokes aside, Hot Pockets remain popular, and 54.4 million Americans consumed them in 2020 (per Statista).

Per its website, Hot Pockets currently has 16 different flavors and products, ensuring no customer ever goes hungry. Hot Pockets are no longer relegated to a snack or quick lunch. The brand offers a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, as well as Big and Bold large sandwiches that are 50% larger than the regular version. If you need a break from the pepperoni pizza flavor, you can reach for Ham & Cheddar or Philly Steak & Cheese, or Four Cheese Pizza.

One difficulty customers face is figuring out how to heat a Hot Pocket to the perfect temperature. If you simply follow the microwaveable directions, you run the risk of it burning your tongue, or biting into a frozen center. Lifehacker found that the best way to evenly heat the hot pocket is to shake the box about halfway through cooking, then continue heating. Once the sandwich is nice and toasty, the trouble becomes keeping it warm for an extended time. Luckily, Hot Pockets is offering the perfect solution.

Never let your Hot Pocket leave your side

According to FoodBeast, Hot Pockets will be releasing its newest product intended to keep your Hot Pockets safe and warm. On December 12, Hot Pockets will release Hot Pocket shorts. Yep, you heard that right. The Hot Pocket cargo shorts come with an insulated pocket, perfect for keeping your Hot Pocket nice and warm. The shorts have a bright orange and yellow flame logo branded on the side and even come with a matching hoodie, which shares the same logo. The clothing launch is in partnership with Columbus Fashion Alliance (CFA), which is made up of entrepreneurs and creatives in the community. The best part about the clothing is that the entire ensemble will be given away for free. Fans simply need to go to on the launch date to claim the outfit. The website notes that there will only be around, "while supplies last." The outfit also comes with a coupon for one free Hot Pocket.

If you don't manage to snag the warming shorts, you can still enjoy one of Hot Pocket's newer products that don't require warming at all. Hot Pockets sells Deliwhich sandwiches that require no cook time. The frozen sandwiches are meant to be thawed at room temperature for 2 hours before being consumed. The sandwiches can also be heated up and will fit perfectly in the Hot Pocket shorts.