Hot Pockets' Newest Product Makes Lunch Even Easier

Hot Pockets have long been a lunch hack for those who are challenged in the culinary department. After all, preparing one takes little more than unwrapping it, putting it into its nifty Hot Pockets sleeve, cooking it in the microwave, and letting it cool off for a couple minutes before chowing down. What could be easier than that?

Well, skipping the cooking step altogether would certainly make things simpler — especially if you've been using your microwave wrong in the first place! Hot Pockets has announced a new product, and this time, it doesn't require a microwave (or a conventional oven, for that matter). According to FoodSided, the new Hot Pockets Deliwich takes the "heat" out of the brand's original "heat-and-serve" meals. Rather than requiring a source of heat to prepare, the new not-so-hot pocket simply requires thawing for two to four hours before consuming. Of course, the new sandwich will come in more than one flavor, so shoppers will have to decide which 'wich to pick.

The Hot Pockets Deliwich will come in four flavors

With the launch of the new thaw-and-eat Deliwich, preparing your Hot Pocket may no longer require the inside scoop on how to cook it to perfection. But, decisions will have to be made, and those include choosing a flavor to purchase and thaw. People reports the new Deliwich will come with four different fillings, including cheddar and ham, turkey and colby, pepperoni and mozzarella, and cheese melt. Each comes inside a soft white roll. According to the outlet, the sandwiches will be available at grocery stores nationwide at the end of the month.

The new Deliwiches seem to be aimed at those who don't have access to a microwave at lunchtime, like, if you're in an elementary school cafeteria or having a picnic, for example. According to FoodSided, the new sandwiches will be individually wrapped and sold in boxes of four for a suggested retail price of $7.49. Only time will tell if these new Hot Pocket flavors are tempting enough to convert Lunchables fans to a new cold meal on the go.