Milk Bar's New Fruit Of The Loom Collab Means Cool Swag And New Desserts

If you're a dessert fan who loves to keep up with the latest food trends, you've likely heard about Milk Bar, which is founded by celebrity chef Christina Tosi. While Milk Bar may have started in New York City, you can now find the brand's iconic cakes, pies, and cookies around the United States. Plus, Milk Bar is also a part of DoorDash, making the company's cookies available for delivery in most of the US. But Milk Bar has more in store for its fans this winter.

In a press release, Fruit of the Loom and Milk Bar announced a partnership where the two companies will be selling apparel and dessert for the holiday season. The products are available online on Milk Bar's website and in select Milk Bar stores across the country. For customers who buy the hoodies and sweets online, you can expect orders to ship around December 12. Although you can order Milk Bar's cakes, pies, and other goodies online, the desserts that come with Fruit of the Loom's sweatshirts are only available through this collaboration and can't be ordered individually.

Here's what's included in Milk Bar and Fruit of the Loom's collaboration

According to the press release shared with Mashed, Milk Bar and Fruit of the Loom will have two different sets of sweatshirts and pies for customers. The first is a Holiday Tie-Dye Hoodie with a Peppermint Bark Tie-Dye Pie. In this set, the sweatshirt comes with a red tie-dye design, and the peppermint bark pie is filled with vanilla and cocoa caramel and has a chocolate crust. Peppermint comes into play with the addition of candy cane nougat, and the pie is topped with a chocolate drizzle and crunchy pretzels.

The second sweatshirt and pie package is the Holiday Starburst Crew with Raspberry Star Burst Cookie Cake, which is geared toward people who prefer fruit to chocolate in their desserts. Customers can expect a sweatshirt with black and red designs. The dessert has an extra-large toasted almond cookie cake and a spiced cookie crunch base. The cake also features raspberry jam.

Which of these desserts and sweatshirts would you rather receive as a gift? If you prefer chocolate chips but want the cookie cake experience, try our recipe for cookie cake and bring it to your next holiday party.