Jack In The Box Just Dropped Its '24 Days Of Jackmas' Deals

If you've ever had an Advent calendar before, you know that, for each day leading up to Christmas, you get a treat. This could be anything from chocolate to bottles of liquor (if you snagged a certain Advent calendar at your local Costco). But while you may expect to find chocolate and little bottles of wine in your festive calendar, chances are you probably never considered getting a burger or a mini taco each day until Christmas Eve. Then again, you aren't Jack — or more accurately, Jack in the Box.

The fast food chain, always trying to set itself apart from its clown and king competition (going so far as to invent its own holiday), has decided to go all out for holiday season. Last year, Jack in the Box launched its "12 Days of Jack" promotion, in which customers could snag everything from free tacos to $2 Jumbo Jack cheeseburgers and other goodies from December 13 to December 24 (via Thrillist). This year, Jack has decided that "12 Days of Jack" isn't going to cut it this time, and has thus doubled those 12 days into a 24-day event known as the "24 Days of Jackmas" (via Chew Boom).

Unlike your average Advent calendar, however, there's not so much of a surprise factor as there is knowing what to look forward to each day of the week.

Each day of the week is themed after a certain menu item

While last year's "12 Days of Jack" featured random prizes, such as double points on certain items or 20% of all in-app purchases, this year's "24 Days of Jackmas" is a little less random. Instead, each day of the week is themed after a certain menu item instead of a random offer.

According to Chew Boom, "24 Days of Jackmas" will include an alternating schedule of "Iced Coffee Mondays," "Taco Tuesdays," "Sweet Treat Wednesdays," "Thirsty Thursdays," "Fry-days," "Limited Edition Saturdays," and "Savings Sundays." This means that, if you showed up to your local Jack in the Box on Tuesday, you could snag an exclusive deal on the chain's famous tacos. If you showed up on Friday, however, you wouldn't be able to get any deals on tacos, but you could get a good discount on some fries. While not as random as last year, the menu features some of the chain's more popular items to look forward to throughout December.

To get these perks, Business Wire reports that all one needs to do is join the "JackPack" loyalty club via the app or the main website, and check the offers tab each day to see what's being offered — you have all month to do so!