Reddit Is Deeply Concerned About A Hyperrealistic Iguana Serving Dish

If you've ever gone down the internet rabbit hole of looking for dishes, you know there's some pretty weird stuff available. We've all heard about the restaurants that serve food in toilet bowls, but even that seems pretty tame next to food being served on snowboards, in shoes, atop a giant scapula, inside roadkill, or on an iPad's photo of a plate (via Bored Panda).

That being said, the most bizarre examples come to us from We Want Plates, which is a global crusade against over-the-top serving methods. The site is known for sharing the uncommon ways restaurants have served food to customers. Who would have thought a sundae glass was a good way to serve pork, beans, and mashed potatoes? No, really. Who?

Oh, but those aren't even the most unusual. Combine We Want Plates with Reddit, and you can get even more unconventional. Not only does this thread have Bloody Marys topped with rotisserie chickens and cheese served atop mouse traps, but it also has a hyperrealistic iguana dish that left the entire internet gagging.

This iguana serving dish is way too realistic for us

One Reddit user recently shared their own We Want Plates moment. They posted a photo of a hyperrealistic iguana serving dish, captioned, "Why does this exist?" While their reaction is certainly appropriate, other Redditors were more vocal about the horror before them.

Since the dish looked so realistic, one person asked, "Is that actual taxidermy?" Another wrote, "Please be plastic, please be plastic." And a third joked, "Reminds me of the dinner scene from Temple of Doom." Yeah, you know the one.

Others were skeptical that anyone would be able to actually eat from the dish, with many people commenting that they would've immediately lost their appetite. "I'd send that back," shared a fellow user. And a second continued, "I got salmonella from looking at this." Needless to say, this photo joins the endless line-up of cursed internet images that we never want to see it again.