You Can Now Get A Personal Cameo From Aldi's Kevin The Carrot

Meet Kevin The Carrot. For most inhabitants of this side of the Atlantic, this may your first encounter with Aldi UK & Ireland's beloved "spokesvegetable." Back home, however, this is a very popular carrot. This anthropomorphized tuber got his first big break back in 2016 when he starred in Aldi's Christmas advertisement (via YouTube) as a carrot who wanted to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus eating his plated snack. After making his way through the perils of a Christmas dinner spread (keep in mind that Kevin is a mere three inches tall), the exhausted fellow falls asleep next to Santa's mince pie. He awakens to find himself strapped to Rudolph's antler, motivating the lead reindeer to move more quickly. 

Since his debut, Kevin has starred in a number of Aldi ads including nods to "Top Gun," "A Christmas Carol," and a 2022 Christmas commercial hilariously spoofing "Home Alone." Along the way he has met his wife and had a bevy of baby carrots and cemented his place in British and Irish pop culture. The Guardian shares that he is so beloved that more than 70,000 online shoppers logged on to get Kevin The Carrot toys on the day of their release and that hundreds lined up at brick-and-mortar stores. Many of these plush veggies were officially sold out by 10 a.m. 

There is good news for those that missed out on this tuber for under the Christmas tree. You can still give a version of Kevin as a present.

Kevin's Cameo messages support charity

Despite his busy schedule, Kevin the Carrot is giving personalized messages for Christmas, birthdays, and other celebratory occasions via Cameo. An Aldi press release shares that on December 12, he will be sending a limited number of animated messages to devoted fans. These shout-outs sell for £10 each (roughly $12.19) which is a great price when compared to many other celebrities' Cameo offerings. Plus, all profits from Kevin's Cameo messages are going to Neighbourly, "Aldi's food charity partner." Aldi says that those wishing to spread "hap-pea-ness this Christmas" can visit Cameo to have Kevin deliver a festive message to their loved ones. 

And, for those who simply must have their very own Kevin to hug and squeeze and take on their own adventures, you can still get the Kevin & Katie decorations, Kevin's kids, and his animal friends, but they likely won't last long. After watching a few of his commercials, it's hard not to wish that Kevin would grace North American Aldi commercials and that his plushies would pay nearby stores a visit. You can't deny that life would be sweeter shared with a talking carrot.