A Chick-Fil-A Male Karen Wanted To Call The Cops Because Someone Cut The Line

Imagine that you're waiting in line. It could be for anything — maybe you want to check out of a store or place an order, but what matters is that you're in a line that seems to be taking forever. Then, from out of nowhere, someone just waltzes up and walks directly in front of you, taking your place in line. To cut in line so brazenly is an act of sheer audacity, something so minor and yet so rude that it seems as if the person purposefully went out of their way to do. How would you respond in that situation?

Everyone has a different answer to this question, to be sure, but there are those who find that such a shameless act requires some intense consequences. An argument about cutting in line at a Mississippi Walmart in October 2022, Magnolia State Live tells us, lead to one man getting knife cuts to his face. Another such incident happened in a Detroit taco restaurant in 2018 when, per Click On Detroit, a brawl broke out regarding a customer cutting in line and refusing to move. In another example, a line-cutter wound up the recipient of a disgusting surprise after cutting in front of a man in a grocery store — vomit (via The Daily Mail).

For one Chick-fil-A customer, however, there was no need to get physical over what they presumed to be someone jumping the line. Instead, they wanted the law to take care of it.

A Chick-fil-A argument almost spiraled out of control

A TikTok user posted a trilogy of videos documenting what appears to be a confrontation between two Chick-fil-a customers. In the first video, it seems that a man in a red shirt, dubbed a "Maron" (or male Karen) by the user, appears to instigate a fight with another customer. Although an employee is seen trying to intervene by verbally telling the customer to relax, the men continue to argue.

In the third video, the "male karen" is seen arguing with the Chick-fil-A manager and the reason for the whole argument is revealed: The man wanted to call the police on the customer for supposedly cutting in line. Even as the manager and the other customer tell the man that the police would have no reason to come, the "male Karen" shouts what seems to be a threat before walking away. Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any further updates regarding this threat so it seems that the disagreement ended with nothing worse than hurt feelings. Comments on all videos are disabled.

This certainly isn't the first time Chick-fil-A had to deal with a Karen. But so long as there are good customers who treat workers with dignity and respect (and not call the police involving minor offenses), it all turns out fine in the end.