Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Raving About Its New Salmon Rub Seasoning

The right seasoning used in the right way can spruce up just about everything a person wants to eat. Sometimes "everything" really means everything. For instance, when Trader Joe's released its Everything but the Bagel seasoning in 2017 it started a sensation, according to MarketWatch. While the mix mimics the flavors found on an everything bagel with ingredients like sesame seeds, garlic, onion, and poppy seeds (per Trader Joe's), fans have sprinkled it on all kinds of foods, including eggs, chicken, roasted cauliflower, and even toast with peanut butter and honey (via Reddit).

One Redditor suggested using Everything but the Bagel Seasoning on salmon. But maybe not all Trader Joe's fans want the taste of "everything" on their seafood, or maybe they want to save it for their sweet and nutty toast. If so, plenty of other options exist. Trader Joe's website lists more than a dozen different spices and seasoning blends, including Smoked Paprika and Everything but the Elote. In fact, a new blend was shared on Instagram that is getting positive attention, and it's specifically designed for salmon.

A smoky-sweet combination

On Instagram, the Trader Joe's fan account @traderjoeslist posted a video showing the store's newest seasoning, dubbed Salmon Rub. The orange-colored seasoning combines brown sugar, smoked paprika, dried thyme, salt, and pepper. Per the bottle's instructions, it is meant to be sprinkled onto a lightly oiled piece of fish before cooking.

Natasha, from @traderjoeslist tasted the rub on its own and likened the flavor to that of smoked salmon, noting it was slightly sweet and smokey. Followers shared their excitement over the new product. One wrote, "I broiled my salmon in the oven and the rub caramelized and gave it a smokey-sweet taste. So good!" Another chimed in, "It's the most amazing stuff, definitely going back to my store to buy a few more!!!" A third person exclaimed, "I've made air fried salmon with it multiple times. So good!!!"

Some commenters observed that the salmon rub seems to have a bit in common with Trader Joe's BBQ seasoning mix, which got fans excited on Instagram last year. Both blends have a sweet smoky flavor from brown sugar and paprika. BBQ 101 mix has additional ingredients like garlic and red pepper, which are classic. Just like other themed seasonings, Trader Joe's salmon rub doesn't have to be exclusively used on the food that inspired it. Some shoppers thought it was "fantastic" on pork chops or scrambled eggs, and another recommended pairing it with hot honey.